10 Unexpected Places To Find Your Mom Tribe

The women that we meet when our children are little often become our friends for life. It’s so important to find support as we take on the demands of motherhood. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to know where to look to find new friends.

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Have no fear! We’ve compiled a list of places where it’s easy to break the ice. From chatting it up with the other moms at the playground to finding an online group, there are so many ways to put yourself out there these days. Please enjoy this list of 10 Unexpected Places To Find Your Mom Tribe.

10 Pregnancy Centering Groups

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A great way to find your mom squad is to meet them before you even give birth to your baby. Many Women’s Health Centers offer a centering group for expectant moms. It’s an opportunity for women to get their prenatal care in a group setting.

The groups are based on your baby’s due date so you’ll be surrounded by ladies that you can relate to as your pregnancy progresses. This is an easy and convenient way to meet other moms who will have a baby the same age as yours. Just ask your obstetrician if they offer a centering group.

9 Storytime At Your Local Library

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Finding support from other mothers will make you a much happier mom. It can be a challenge to get out there and make new friends. One place that you can meet other moms is at your local library. Many libraries offer a weekly storytime for children.

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Your little one will love hearing a story and playing with other babies while you have a chance to meet fellow moms. If you can’t make it to storytime, you should still plan on hanging out in the children’s area at your local library. It’s an amazing resource and offers plenty of fun indoor activities.

8 At The Playground

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Making new friends doesn’t have to be complicated and can be as simple as talking to the other moms around you in the places that you often take your child. Spending time at your local playground or park is a way to meet the other mothers who live in your community.

Why not strike up a conversation with the mom sitting on the park bench next to you? It’s an organic opportunity to break the ice and the perfect place to bond over motherhood. A trip to the playground could be fun for both you and your little one.

7 Join A Mom Support Group

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It’s all-to-easy to feel anxious when you’re a new mom but one way to be a less anxious parent is to reach out for support. There are several support groups offered to moms and it not only offers but you may find some new friends in the process.

It helps so much to talk with other women that you can relate to and mom groups provide a setting where you can commiserate and get advice. You’d be surprised at just how recharged you’ll feel after you spend time around other moms. It also gives you a chance to socialize with your baby.

6 Join A Book Club

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Sometimes it’s nice to hang out with other moms without having kids around. One way that you can get away and have some “me time” is to join a book club. It’s so refreshing to discuss a good book and get away from the demands of motherhood.

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How do you find a book club to join? A good idea would be to ask the people in your neighborhood or social circles if they know of a group. If you’re feeling shy, a quick online search could help you locate a group in your area. Your brain and your spirit will thank you.

5 Online Mom Groups

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If it’s a challenge for you to put yourself out there and find new friends, you might consider finding an online mom group. Social media often offers a great opportunity for moms to gather in cyberspace and find support.

From asking for parenting advice to laughing at hilarious memes about motherhood, the friendships formed via the Internet can be just as rewarding as meeting someone in person. This is a great tool for shy moms or ladies who can’t leave the house for various reasons. A social media connection can easily bloom into a real-life friendship so don’t be afraid to click away.

4 Start Walking


Looking to find new friends and get some exercise at the same time? Another option for finding a posse of moms is to join a walking group. Most communities offer “Stroller Strides” or other forms of walking for mothers.

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A quick Internet search could hook you up with other women in your area who like to meet up and get moving with their little ones in tow. If you can’t locate an official group, put on your walking shoes and cruise around your neighborhood. Chances are, you’ll bump into another mom who might want to team up with you.

3 Mommy & Me Classes

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Another place that you might be introduced to your new mom squad is to take your baby to a “Mommy & Me” group. There are so many options out there for you to discover. From practicing Yoga to joining a music class, you and your baby will have so much fun trying activities together.

These enriching groups can be found online or you could even check your local paper for advertisements. Word of mouth is another great way to find just the right class. Be sure to ask the other moms in your neighborhood what Mommy & Me classes they attend.

2 Volunteer At Your Child's School

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If you have school-aged children and want to find mom friends then you should consider volunteering at your kid’s school. From baking cookies for the bake sale to lending a helping hand at the book fair, there are plenty of opportunities for you to get involved.

Don’t let the “PTA mom” stereotype hold you back. Not every mom is stuck up or judgy. There are plenty of friendly faces to be seen at these events and you might just find your new best friend. It can’t hurt to put yourself out there so sign up and help out.

1 Swimming Lessons

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Your mom tribe could be waiting for you at the nearest community center. One smart way to be around other mamas is to sign your little one up for swimming lessons. Most local swimming pools offer Mommy & Me classes.

Your baby will master important skills and you could be given an opportunity to socialize with other moms in the process. That’s a double win in our book. Most community centers list their class schedules on their website so it should be easy for you to track down the perfect class for your baby’s age and skill level.

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