10 Places For Your First Vacation With Baby

After your family has grown, you and your partner can start planning where you would like to take your baby on their first vacation. Vacations are all about having fun and making memories and you need to find a place that is perfect for families. But if this is your first vacation with your baby, then you know that your travel destinations are going to change.

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Before you might have planned a trip to Vegas, but now since you have a baby, you want to take them to a kid-friendly location. So keep reading to discover 1o places for your first vacation with your baby!

10  A Cruise

A wonderful option that you should consider for your baby’s first vacation is taking them on a cruise. Cruises are a great choice for families since they are very family-friendly and safe for children.

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There are plenty of activities for a family to do on and off the boat and you'll be able to take a lot of photos so you can have some wonderful memories. You don't  need to go out of the country to go on a cruise, you can take a cruise and just take stops in the U.S. Talk to your partner about taking your little one out on a cruise for their first vacation.

9 Hersheypark

A chocolate/candy company that everyone knows and loves is Hershey. Hershey has so many wonderful treats that people of every age can enjoy.

Not only is Hersey famous for the chocolate they make they are also famous for their theme park Hersheypark. Hersheypark has a splash zone and water rides for toddlers, and there are plenty of rides for them too like Pony Parade, Tiny Tracks, Mini-Himalaya, and more! Take your baby to the sweetest park in the world and it'll be a great first vacation for them.

8 Canada’s Wonderland

What about Canada's Wonderland? This park, located near Toronto, has KidZville and Planet Snoopy which are perfect for any baby to explore.

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These areas are made especially for little kids so they can go on rides and have entertainment. Just make sure when you are at Planet Snoopy, you stop to have your baby take photos with the Peanut gang. This is another great idea for your  baby's first vacation.

7 Story Land

If you're looking for a theme park for your baby that looks like it just came out of a book, then you need to go to Story Land In New Hampshire.

Story Land has Cinderella's pumpkin coach that your kids can go on, Little Dreamers Nursery Rhyme Play Area filled with interactive play, and the Buccaneer Pirate Ship. Visit a place where stories come to life and adventure is right around the corner.

6 Dutch Wonderland

You could also choose to go to Dutch Wonderland. This is a wonderful place for you to take your baby for their first vacation. Dutch Wonderland has over 30 rides made just for kids from merry-go-rounds to a gondola cruise, a slash zone, live theater for entertainment and more!

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And with all of this to do at one theme park, there is no wonder why they call this a kingdom for kids! Take your kids to a wonderland and make great memories.

5 Universal's Islands of Adventure

When many people think of the Universal parks, they think of giant rides and Hogwarts. But what you might not know is all of the kid-friendly areas where you can take your little one on their first vacation.

Universal's Islands of Adventure has many attractions for kids like Me Ship, The Olive which has three stories of fun just for kids, Jurassic Park Discovery Center and Camp Jurassic for any dinosaur-loving child, and If I Ran the Zoo where your baby can see bizarre creatures inspired by Gerald McGrew.


A popular toy that kids love to play with and now with movies about them, LEGOLAND is going to be a wonderful place for your child’s first vacation. For babies, they have a splash and play areas, train and tractor attractions, and a Tot Spot that is meant for little kids.

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The best part is they have a Baby Care Center where you can nurse and change your baby. But be aware that LEGOLAND is best for kids two and up, so if you still have a little baby you might want to wait until they are a little older until you take them to LEGOLAND.

3 Busch Gardens Williamsburg

When you think of Busch Gardens, you might not think that this is a great place to take a baby for their first vacation. But in fact, Bush Gardens is perfect since it is very kid-friendly. Busch Gardens has plenty of water areas that you and your little one can splash around in.

We know your kids are going to love Land of the Dragons® where there are climbing nets and rides all based around adorable dragons. Take your kids to a place where you and they will love and head to Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

2 Sesame Place

Sesame Street Theme Park Will Be Certified Autism Center

One of the most popular and longest-running children’s programming that generations of children have loved is Sesame Street. Now you can take your baby to see their favorite characters in real life when you take them to Sesame Place.

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Sesame Place has rides that everyone can enjoy from ages “2 and 62” according to their website. And not only do they have rides they also have plenty of shows and attractions that feature their iconic characters. Take your kids to a place where the big yellow bird lives and vise Sesame Place.

1 Disney Parks

The most magical place on Earth are Disney parks. And it doesn’t matter if you take your baby to Disneyland or Disney World we know this is going to be one of the best choices for your first family vacation.

Disney is known for having rides made for babies and parents and there are several kid-friendly shows that you can see when you are at the parks. Let’s not forget the parade that happens every day that will keep your little one in awe. Let your child’s first vacation be at Disney and stat a new family tradition.

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