Play School's Little Ted Helps Parents And Kids Talk About Loss Of Loved Ones

Australia’s longest-running children’s program has aired an episode involving Little Ted’s experience dealing with a loss of a loved one, and it’s helping parents figure out how to talk about death to their little ones. As an adult, the subject of life and death is already difficult to deal with, so teaching it to children is not an easy task. With the help of TV programs and professional advice, it may become easier to have this inevitable conversation.

Children’s programs and movies are no strangers to the subject of death. For example, classic Disney movies depict the deaths of some characters. Whether it be the end of a villain like Ursula or the passing of a loving parent like Mufasa, the movies have woven deaths into their narratives. These movies are good to expose children to the concept of it, but they don’t really teach them what it truly means and how they should handle it.

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The episode, Beginnings and Endings, is all about how Little Ted deals with the death of his goldfish. While he is dealing with it, his friends are around him offering support—showing kids that they don’t have to deal with these feelings alone. It’s shown that it’s okay to be sad and to grieve because Little Ted’s relationship with his goldfish meant a lot to him.

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The early education experts who helped write the episode gave tips to parents on how to talk about death. One of the main keys is to be open, honest, and clear about it. Using euphemisms and metaphors will only confuse the kid more. Death is part of the human experience, so it shouldn’t be hidden from them, even if it will scare them. While they may have intense feelings on the topic, it’s important to show them that they shouldn’t dwell on it because it’s just a part of life.

Especially if they have seen a death of a loved one, it’s essential to highlight how keeping memories of them alive will help deal with the grief. It’s okay to look back and remember the good times with them, and this is the best way to remember someone who has died. Parents should have these conversations with their kids as soon as possible so that they’re more prepared when someone in their lives has passed.

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