What Is A Plus Size Pregnancy B Belly?

What Is A B Belly?

Growing a “bump” is a huge part of being pregnant. Obviously, there’s a reason for all that new shape - a baby is growing inside of you! Some women don’t look forward to the shape of their changing body. Having a bump might make them feel self-conscious, uncomfortable, or unattractive. Luckily, most people see pregnant bellies as a sign of happiness, a reminder of all the things that are beautiful in our world. Baby bumps make an impact on everyone who sees them. It’s a tangible reminder of new life joining our world. Many mothers look forward to embracing their own baby bump during pregnancy.

They might dream of side-profile maternity photos and stylish bodycon dresses. But not every pregnant belly looks the same! Some women have a “B belly”. So what is a B belly?

D Belly VS B Belly

The normative shape of a pregnant belly is one large curve. In profile, you can trace a capital letter “D” around a pregnant woman’s bump and back. This curve begins small, grows larger, and eventually seems to nearly overtake a person’s body! We all know that feeling, no matter what shape our pregnant bellies take.

B bellies are shaped like a capital letter “B”. Instead of having one curve, these bellies have two. Plus size pregnant women are more likely to have a B belly when pregnant. Some of these women joke that they are ready to deliver when their B belly becomes a D belly. As the baby reaches full size, it fills the indentation that forms the “B”. However, some women maintain their B belly through their pregnancy until birth.

What Causes The B Belly?

In order to understand what causes a B belly, you have to understand a few basics of plus size pregnancy. Fascial health and skin tautness play a big role in the shape of a person’s silhouette. Over time, skin can sag and change shape. In some people, their belly develops an apron. A belly apron is essentially a flap of skin that creates a fold or crease. This crease becomes the middle of the “B” shape.

Belly aprons can cause B belly shapes. Via My Fitness Pal

Sometimes people who don’t have a belly apron develop a B belly because it’s just the way their body is shaped. Fascia is a network of fibers that connects every part of our body together - when it becomes distorted, it can actually change the shape and look of our skin! B bellies can be caused by this sort of constriction within belly fascia.

Embrace B Belly Beauty

The most important thing to remember about B bellies? They’re beautiful! All pregnant bodies are doing astounding things every single moment. While our society, in general, might idealize or represent primarily one body type, we don’t have to feed into that perspective. Plus size pregnancy is beautiful! Better yet, we can reject the notion that our physical bodies exist for others to consume or deem worthy. Reclaim your power and dare to love yourself as you are - D belly, B belly, or some other magical shape!

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