Podcast Seeks To Help Parents Raising Children With Mental Illness

A team from British Colombia’s Children’s Hospital has created a podcast that aims to help parents raise kids with mental health conditions. Thankfully, our society has begun to move away from dismissive conceptions and understandings of mental health. Despite this progress, there is still a lack of resources for parents trying to raise their kids with mental health conditions right.

While getting professional help is essential to a child’s mental well-being, the support system around them is equally important. Kids should feel safe in their own homes and comfortable enough to talk to their parents about their issues. Through this secure environment, kids can learn how to healthily deal with their mental health conditions and realize that it shouldn’t be a barrier to living their lives to the fullest.

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Where You Are is a podcast tackling mental health issues run by the Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre, and it focuses on emphasizing the role of parents in the situation. It’s hosted by Michelle Horn and Char Black, and they have conversations with parents, health professionals, youth volunteers, and caregivers about the different challenges, myths, stereotypes, and stigmas surrounding mental health. By providing a format that’s both enjoyable to listen to and simple enough to understand, the team is helping parents do a better job of caring for their children.

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The advice, tips, and strategies given in the podcast can be used to promote not only the mental wellness of the kids, but also the parents. It’s not easy to make the necessary adjustments to cater to a child’s special needs, so it can be taxing on parents, especially if they aren’t sure of what they’re doing. With this podcast, parents can feel as if they have their own support system, as the conversations recorded are both relatable and helpful. It’s important they take care of their own mental well-being so that they may take good care of their kids.

In Canada alone, it’s estimated that there are 1.2 million children and youth who are affected by mental illness, yet fewer than 20% actually receive proper treatment. The first step to dealing with the issue is getting rid of the stigma surrounding it. Only then will most people feel comfortable enough asking for help and dealing with the mental health conditions. With podcasts like this, both parents and kids can begin to feel more safe and secure in their situation.

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