Police Help Deliver An Easter Baby

Police officers help a mother deliver a healthy little baby girl on Easter morning!

Chicago Tribune

Officers were flagged down on Easter Monday by a vehicle who parked in front of the police station. The officers jumped out of their vehicle and were approached by a man who told the officers that his granddaughter was in the car and was about to give birth! Many of the officers from inside the station ran out to help with the woman and her baby. One officer called paramedics.

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One of the officers were able to deliver the little girl and her umbilical cord was wrapped around her head. The officer was able to get the umbilical cord off of her neck so that she could breath. Everybody was filled with joy when the little girl was able to start crying. This meant that her throat was not restricted and she was able to breathe which was quite a relief. The officer held the little one until the paramedics were able to arrive. Mom and baby, whom she named Ava, were both transported to the hospital. The medical staff has announced that both mother and baby are doing great and are both healthy.

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Chicago Tribune

Best Easter present ever! These police officers didn't hesitate to help the woman who needed them. Many of the officers who were not directly asked to assist the mother came out of nowhere to lend a hand. They all just wanted to help. Officers are trained to know what to do in case of a mother delivering a baby, so in desperate times it is okay to ask a police officer for help in these situations.

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Congratulations to the family on their healthy little baby girl! We hope that everybody continues to be healthy and that mommy is able to recover nicely from delivery.

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