Police Investigating After Baby Found In Garbage Bag At Ohio College Dorm

A little baby was found in a garbage bag and the baby was dumped in the bathroom in a dorm room.

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Police are currently investigating a terrible event. They found a dead baby inside a garbage bag. The baby was located in a dorm room bathroom at Hiram College. Hiram College is located about 40 miles southeast of Clevland, Ohio. The dead newborn was found on Friday by a maintenance worker who went into the bathroom to clean up. He immediately called the authorities. They are trying to find more information about the circumstances surrounding the child.

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There is currently no cause of death and the police are desperately trying to figure out the identity of the mother. They want the mother to come foreward to seek medical treatment. If she had just given birth to the baby then she should be checked out by a medical professional to make sure that there is nothing wrong with her after her delivery. “She should feel free to come forward to get medical attention and to come forward to anybody at the college for help for counseling—to make sure she gets to the appropriate places in a very timely way,” school president Lori Varlotta told the news station.

Varlotta said that the young girl needs emotional and physical medical support at this time. She must be going through a lot of distress and she needs some counseling. Varlotta said that the college will give her counseling to talk her through this event. “We’re in a state of shock. We are mourning as a campus community,” Varlotta told WEWS. “We’re a small community, a very kind and caring one, so this has taken us by surprise and we are doing everything we can to restore a sense of health and good welfare for our students and our faculty and staff.” The campus only has 1,100 students enrolled, so they are really struggling. They are dealing with a lot of grief and they feel for the young mother no matter the circumstances of the death.

If anybody has any information about the mother or the circumstances of the baby that was found in the bathroom please call the Ohio police. They are currently running an autopsy of the little baby and once that is complete they will be able to give more information as to how the baby died. They are also trying to identify their sweet baby's mother.

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