Harvard Police Officer Recreates Picture With Freshman He Posed With Back When She Was A Toddler

A father took a photo of his 3-year-old daughter 15 years ago at Harvard University with a campus police officer during a visit. Recently, the now 18-year-old woman recreated the photo with the same campus police officer- and it's melting Instagram's heart!

Harvard is a dream for many- but 15 years ago, dad Jin Wang had a simpler dream. He just wanted to visit the famous college with his tiny 3-year-old daughter, Crystal, who had accompanied him on a business trip. The pair had a great time and while there, they met Officer Charles Marren, a campus police officer. According to CNN, little Crystal was quite taken with Marren, so Wang took the opportunity to capture the moment in front of Marren's campus police-issued motorcycle.

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Fast forward to today, and Crystal is a model student. In fact, she earned a spot in Harvard's Class of 2023 with a dual degree program with Berklee College of Music. Though 3-year-old Crystal and Officer Marren shared a moment back in 2004, it turns out that 18-year-old Crystal doesn't have any memories of the visit so long ago. Apparently, she didn't even know about the photo until her dad told her about it!

It was her father- the original photographer- who urged her to try and contact Officer Marren, but Crystal was reluctant to try. She told CNN that she thought the chances of finding him were slim, but decided to post the photo from 2004 to her Instagram anyway.

It was a Harvard Gazette reporter who got ahold of the photo and instantly recognized Officer Marren in the photo. The rest, as they say, was history. Officer Marren was all too happy to recreate the photo with Crystal on freshman move-in day for the class of 2023. He also told her to contact him anytime.

As for Crystal? She said that the friendship that started so many years ago picked right back up.


"It was just a really, really good time," she said. "I really connected with him."

Congratulations on making it to Harvard, Crystal! We're glad that you will have a friendly face to watch over you as you make your dreams happen.

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