Police Officer's Rescue Of A Choking Baby Highlights The Importance Of Learning Life-Saving Maneuvers

A Colorado Police Officer has saved an infant from choking to death and he is now being praised for his heroism.

Greeley Officer, Ryan Brauch, was on duty when he was dispatched to an emergency. The dispatcher said that a 3-week old baby was choking. No other information was given to the officer, but Officer Brauch immediately rushed to the scene. The little girl was eating when she began choking on her milk.

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When the officer arrived he was brought to the little baby and he immediately saw that the infant was indeed choking, and Brauch started performing life-saving maneuvers to help save the child.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="400"] Via Greeley Police Department[/caption]

Brauch could clearly see that the infant was not breathing and started to become pale in color. The officer grabbed the infant and turned her over on her stomach and began smacking the baby on the back. The liquid that was somehow lodged into the baby's throat was released. The fluid was dislodged and the baby started to breathe again. "She kind of gasped and her eyes opened and she did the kind of weird baby stretch thing that they do and her hands started opening and closing," Brauch recalled. Thankfully the officer was able to respond quickly to the call and therefore was able to save the little girl's life. We are all so happy that this story had a happy ending. Paramedics arrived shortly after the baby started breathing and she was sent to the hospital to be monitored overnight just to be certain that she was healthy.

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Greeley Police Department praised Officer Ryan Brauch for saving the infant's life, because without him the child may not have been able to survive. It is very important for all parents to understand how to save a child from choking. The simple maneuver performed by Officer Brauch saved the little baby's life. The child could have easily been saved by his parents if they would have been educated in the life-saving techniques to help a choking baby. It is essential for parents and caregivers to educate themselves with emergency techniques such as the Heimlich and CPR.  Knowing simple techniques could save your child's life in the event of an emergency.

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