Police Save 21-Day-Old Baby Choking On Milk

As many mothers know, especially breastfeeding mothers with overactive letdowns, seeing your baby choke on milk (or anything for that matter) is a scary sight. Shortly after the realization that they can't breathe occurs, panic ensues, often times leaving parents frozen in the moment and unsure of how to help their child breathe again. Two parents in Brazil experienced that fear first hand when their 21-day-old baby started choking on milk before ceasing to breathe altogether. By the hand of fate, they were close to a local police station. The baby's parents knew they needed immediate help.

Terror emanated as the couple rushed into the police station located in the city of Marilia in Sao Paulo, Brazil desperate for help. Upon entering the station, their baby had lost consciousness and was blue in the face. Officers Renato Taroco and Robson Thiago de Souza didn't think twice and immediately began CPR on the newborn. The parents watched and paced in horror while the men desperately tried to get the child to breathe again. As the chances of revival got smaller, the panic intensified.

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While one officer pressed on the baby's chest, the other administered air, occasionally checking the baby's airway. After what seemed like an eternity, the baby eventually began moving his arms and regaining consciousness following regurgitation of the milk. Officer Renato Taroco spoke with local media explaining, "when we saw the baby's situation and the parents' desperation, we became automatic, we didn't think about anything and we just did what had to be done". Many believe it was their lack of hesitation in addition to their skill set that saved the baby's life. "It was emotional when we felt the baby come back to life", continued Taroco.

Baby Luis Henrique was taken to hospital to be checked and monitored soon after regaining consciousness. Sources say he is now doing well and he and his parents are recuperating after the trauma they endured. Thanks to the heroic efforts of Officers Renato Taroco and Robson Thiago de Souza, baby Luis Henrique has another chance at life. His parents couldn't be more grateful for the officers' quick thinking in saving their son.

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