Poop Themed Toys Are Currently A Trend

If there's one thing moms can't get enough of, it's poop. Actually, scratch that - if there's one thing mom's can't get away from, it's poop.

From the moment we birth these little bundles of joy, fecal matter just becomes a part of our routine, like doing the dishes or folding the laundry. It's all part of the deal. If that weren't enough, apparently playing with poop is a now a trend.

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Relax, we don't mean actual poop, but poop-themed toys. The obsession started at the end of last year when turd toys generated a huge profit for manufacturers. Never one to miss out on money-making, makers will continue with the garish theme this year, with designers racing to come up with new and amazing ways that we can all get our hands dirty. So, what exactly have the game bigwigs brought to the table? Mattel has jumped right in with Flush N Frenzy, where players have to plunge out a plastic poop from a toilet. Sounds just like your Monday morning, right?

Rivals Hasbro have brainstormed to come up with another pooptastic creation, Don't Step In It. Players are tasked with making their own realistic poop piles with modeling clay, which are then placed on a mat while a blindfolded individual tries not to stop on them. It's just like cleaning up the yard after your pup (or your two year old, but the less said about that the better).

If you thought there couldn't possibly be anything else left in the poop bank, then think again. You can also collect adorable feces shaped characters aptly called Poopeez, which emerge from toilet paper roll containers. These little guys come complete with backstories detailing their journey from the land of Kerplopolis.

The human race has long since found poop hilarious, but it's only recently that its made the leap from gag gift to stocking filler staple. Moms and dads, prepare yourselves for this year's Christmas wish list. It's sure to cause a stink.



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