New Data Reveals The Most Popular Aussie Baby Names For The Coming Year

You've scoured book after book chock full of baby names.

You've read and re-read article upon article, and even tried your hand at an online baby name generator.

But so far, you've come up empty.

Choosing a name for your baby can be an arduous task, but it doesn't have to be - especially when you have at your fingertips some of the best resources on the web! But if what you really want is a name that is trendy, modern and just a little bit ahead of the curve, look no further than this list of baby names - 42 to be exact - nearly one million Aussie mums believe will be the most popular for the next calendar year.

Stay At Home Mum, a popular Australian-based lifestyle blog and social network, collected data from nearly one million women and came up with the following predictions for baby names that will likely be finalists on baby name lists everywhere in 2019.

For boys, they are:

1. Aiden

2. Atticus

3. Avery

4. Branson

5. Bryson

6. Charlie

7. Chase

8. Felix

9. Finley

10. Grayson

11. Hunter


12. Landon

13. Liam

14. Louis

15. Orson

16. Quinn

17. Sawyer

18. Sebastian

19. Silas

20. Theodore

21. Wyatt

And for girls, the names that made the 2019 most popular list are:

1. Arabella

2. Arianna

3. Aubrey

4. Aurora

5. Charlie

6. Clara

7. Cora

8. Danica

9. Evelyn

10. Everleigh

11. Hadley


12. Harper

13. Kennedy

14. Layla

15. Lila

16. Luna

17. Mila

18. Pearl

19. Perstephanie

20. Reign

21. Willow

This comprehensive list is a perfect balance of classic and timeless, bridging continents, cultures and even language. And once every few years, we see old trends begin to re-emerge - whether they are music, fashion, or popular culture - and baby names are no exception.

Atticus, for example, pays homage to classic literature taken from Harper Lee's 1964 novel To Kill A Mockingbird. Arabella - though it may sound quite modern - is actually derived from the Latin orabilis, which means yielding to prayer. It also means beautiful, loving, lovable, or graceful. When most of us hear the name Sawyer, we instantly think of the popular television show Lost, which burst onto the scene not even 15 years ago. Made famous by actor Josh Holloway, the brooding "Sawyer" is actually a name of Celtic origin, meaning someone who cuts timber. Lila, which many of us 80s and 90s kids can attest to - was a popular Sweet Valley Twins character - but it's interesting to discover that the name Lila is actually of Persian and Arabic descent, meaning "beauty."

What are your thoughts about these name predictions? Will your baby be trending with the best of them in 2019?

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