10 Most Popular Gender Neutral Baby Names in 2019

When it comes to giving your baby the perfect name, there are a lot of things to think about. You want to pick a name you love that will fit your baby. Some people like to go with more traditional gendered names and prefer a super girly name or really boyish one. However, lots of other parents like to choose a gender-neutral name. There is a wide range of gender-neutral options to choose from, and many of these names have grown more popular over the years.

While the statistics on the most popular baby names for 2019 obviously aren’t available yet, using information from past years and general trends, we’ve put together a list of 10 of the most popular gender-neutral baby names right now.

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10 Robin

Robin is a name that works well for a boy or a girl. If you don’t want to give your child a gendered name for whatever reason, this is a good way to go. The name is also perfect for a nature lover or animal lover. Plus, Robin is a classic name that is due for a big revival, so you can’t go wrong with this name. For boys, the nickname Rob could also be used if they grow up and have a more masculine personality. And, for girls, Robin is simple and doesn't need a nickname.

9 Frankie

Frankie is a super cute name that’s a softer version of the name Frank. While the name might have the “ie” sound on the end that is more popular for girl’s names, it’s also quite common for boys. If you want to pick a name that's fun and a little funky, Frankie could be the right choice. It’s a great twist on a classic boy’s name and one where the gender of your child doesn’t matter. Plus, this is a name that a child can really grow into and make their own.

8 Oakley

Oakley is a name that has gained in popularity over the years. While it’s become more popular for baby girls, many baby boys also get this name. In fact, the gender split for the name is about 52-48. If you like names that are trendy and stylish, but still not super common, Oakley could be the right choice for your baby. A baby with this name is sure to be super adorable and have a face that needs to be posted on Instagram daily.

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7 Lennon

Lennon is a great gender-neutral name choice for music fans. If you love The Beatles, this name is perfect. It’s another name that’s pretty split on the gender ratio according to Social Security statistics. While more girls have the name, it also works if you’re having a sweet baby boy. Maybe your little one will grow up to love music or even be a little bit of a rock star themselves. If not, this name is still really sweet and unique enough to not feel common.

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6 Royal

Most parents feel like their baby is the apple of their eye. They adore their child and think they are the smartest and cutest of all babies out there. If you’re sure your baby is destined for great things, Royal could be the perfect name. This choice is definitely unisex, as gender doesn’t matter when it comes to changing the world or being royalty. This name is fun and a little out of the box, and you’ll feel like a celebrity when you give your baby this cute name.

5 Riley

Riley is one of the more classic gender-neutral names on this list. This name is one that could really go either way. When you think of the name, you likely know many people of both genders who sport it. Similar to names like Taylor, Riley doesn't have a lot of strong masculine or feminine identifiers in people’s minds. So, if you’re really committed to a gender-neutral name that allows your child to figure out their own gender identity, Riley is a perfect choice.

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4 Skyler

Similar to Riley, Skyler is another name that is somewhat classically unisex. It’s an androgynous name that will work well for any baby. Plus, it’s a name that your child can really make his or her own. It’s not super feminine or overly-masculine, but it is really adorable. If you want an androgynous name that’s not too out there, this is a solid choice. Plus, Sky is a super sweet nickname that could be used with this name as the foundation.

3 Finley

Finley is a name with Scottish roots that has become more popular for girls in the United States. While it’s ranked 279th most popular girls name in the U.S., it was the 35th most popular boy’s name in the U.K. in 2016. This means the name could really go either way. Finley definitely has a European sound, so it’s perfect for someone who has this ancestry or who just likes the sound of these kinds of names.

2 Harley

Many of the most popular gender-neutral baby names have the hard “E” sound on the end, and Harley is no exception. While the name might remind some parents of the Harley-Davidson brand, thus making it seem like a more typical boy’s name, it’s also super cute for a baby girl. While it might be more common to hear the name for girls these days, it’s also considered a boy’s name. You really can’t get wrong here.

1 Charlie

Charlie might be one of the most classic androgynous names around. According to recent statistics, Charley has about a 50-50 split among boys and girls. This makes it truly one of the most gender-neutral names ever used. So, if you love a classic but upbeat sounding name that works for a boy or a girl, Charlie is perfect.

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