Porsha Williams And Dennis McKinley Welcome Their First Baby

Porsha Williams and her fiancé Dennis McKinley welcomed their first child into the world on Friday, March 22.

Williams, 37, and McKinley celebrated their daughter's arrival at 1:36PM, soon after McKinley had posted her forthcoming birth on Instagram. He added the caption, “It’s going down!” The post beautifully captures the couple perched on a hospital bed. As a first-time parent, KcKinley dded the hashtag “#BabyPJ” to suggest the baby’s name, Pilar Jhena.

The couple announced baby PJ’s arrival in a statement to People, saying, “What a time to be alive! We couldn't have imagined a more magical moment! Can't thank everyone enough for joining us on this journey- it's been a fantastic journey."

Williams- who's one of the stars of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, had suffered a a miscarriage six years before. When talking about it, she said, “I’ve waited a really really long time for this moment.". So when Williams found that she was pregnant again, she felt excited and grateful for this second chance, but was scared and worried at the same time about carrying her baby to the term. She'd suffered from fibroids, and had to have a myomectomy.

“When I found out I was pregnant, I was excited [but] I had mixed feelings. The other feeling that I had beside excitement was fear,” the reality star shared with People.

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McKinley was overjoyed to find out he would d be a dad. William kept the pregnancy a secret until her fiancé's 42nd birthday last July. Since then the would-be parents have celebrated every little information about her pregnancy.

“I believe he’s probably shed more tears during the process than me,” Williams revealed about McKinley, whom she has known for years. “It’s just the sweetest moment of my life right now.”

In October, the reality TV star shared her baby’s gender on Instagram with a celebratory video and confetti-filled photograph.

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Earlier this month, the couple celebrated their baby girl with a winter wonderland-themed baby shower. Their family, friends and Real Housewives co-stars attended the party. Kenya Moore and Cynthia Bailey also joined the party.

As told in an interview, the couple had a lot of trouble deciding on the name of the child up until the gender reveal. Williams funnily narrated how McKinley liked the name Napolean. Further, Williams added that, "One of the names that he has absolutely settled on — I'm not settled on it yet — is PJ. JP stands for Porsha Jr. He wants to name our daughter Porsha Jr. I’m not really sure because I think she’s going to be mad, like, ‘Really, Mom?’ And then I’m going to have to try to explain it and he’s probably going to deny that it was all his idea.”

Finally, they agreed on Pilar Jhena! That's how we got to “BabyPJ”. Congratulations to the new parents!

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