Porsha Williams Fights Back After Being Body Shamed Four Months Postpartum

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams recently spoke out about the amount of body-shaming she has been receiving since giving birth to her daughter, Pilar Jhena, a mere four months ago.

In an Instagram post, Williams, 38, begins telling her fans that “moms are badass [so] don't let anyone tell you different 💋.” She goes on to say that “we should be able to bask in motherhood and let our bodies naturally heal and evolve," something that should really go without saying.

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As most moms can sympathize with, Williams explains that she really doesn't feel like working out. Amidst healing and learning how to be a mom, she's exhausted- a feeling ALL moms can relate to. Williams explains that there is a lot of pressure on moms to snap back to their pre-pregnancy body and weight. For some women, this happens almost instantaneously. For others, it never does- and that's okay.

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Giving birth back in March, Williams hopes to encourage new moms to love their postpartum body because there is no body more amazing than one that has created life. After posting pictures of herself wearing a black-strapped bikini while holding her daughter, PJ, who was wearing an adorable plaid onesie with a bow in her hair, internet trolls quickly reacted to the *gasp* mom-belly.

Responding to the negative comments about her bikini photos saying she should cover herself until having lost the baby weight, Williams says that she believes people's perception of a mother's body is altered by the nearly unattainable image that society has concocted.

At the end of her post, Williams says that although she may seem weird, she loves the marks on her body (her c-section scar included) because they're a reminder of the beautiful person she now has in her arms to love and cherish.

Whether you have stretch marks, a c-section scar, a sagging belly or a tight one, your body is beautiful and miraculous. When you look in the mirror, look with admiration, not disgust because no matter what you look like, being a mom is a gift that not everyone gets.  We guarantee that as much as you hate those stretch marks, there are millions of women out there wanting them.

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