Porsha Williams of RHOA Reveals Her Baby's Gender

There is definitely something in the water over at Bravo T.V. Not only is Mercedes Javid of Shahs of Sunset expecting her first child next year but so are two of the Real Housewives of Atlanta!

First up was the outspoken, flamboyant Queen of the Twirl, Kenya Moore, who announced that she and her new hubby would be welcoming their "miracle" baby around Thanksgiving. Soon after Keyna's big announcement, her costar and frenemie Porsha Williams followed suit and let the world know that she too was about to join Club Mommy. Both housewives have been plenty happy to share their pregnancy journeys with friends and fans via social media and countless interviews, but Kenya and husband Marc Daly have made it a point to wait it out in regards to the big gender reveal. Porsha and her fiance, Dennis McKinley, on the other hand, couldn't wait to find out what they were having and now we all know too. (McKinley popped the question to his beautiful baby mama with a $750,000 dollar stunner of a ring in early October.)

Thanks to a gender reveal party, the mommy and daddy discovered that they would indeed be having a little girl. The pair was surrounded by friends, family, and masses of pink confetti that erupted from confetti poppers when they learned what Porsha was carrying around in that sweet belly bump. Fans of Porsha had speculated that the reality star was carrying a girl when she made a bit of a gender slip at a hair salon recently. Porsha commented on four little babies snoozing in the salon and chimed in on Instagram that she couldn't wait until her own joined the pack.

It seems that Porsha's girlie dreams are all about to come true now that they gender news has been confirmed and revealed. The real question is; If Kenya Moore also has a baby girl, will the housewives become closer than ever thanks to their little ladies? The track record between the Atlanta ladies isn't good, to say the least, but babies do have a way of forging bonds and mending fences so we will see.


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