10 Ways To Bring Back The 'Happy' After The First Stressful Months Of Mothering

A mom who has just given birth finds herself caught in a whirlwind of activity. She must adapt to her new life, and it has numerous challenges. At the same time, things which seemed very important before, no longer take precedence. All of this shifting and changing can cause emotions to swing. One minute the new mom is on a high... the next, she is collapsing from exhausting and wondering when the demands will never end.

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Still, with her baby in mind, she has it as a priority in her heart to be the best mom she can be. Part of this means embracing life with both arms, and being a happy, stable mom. So what happens when as a new mom you feel off kilter and depressed? While Post Partum Depression requires medication and counselling, the regular mommy blues can be alleviated by deliberately embarking on a happiness campaign.

Here are 10 ways to get the 'happy' back (designed for new moms):

10 Embark On a Health And Fitness Quest

Chances are you are feeling a little out of sorts. You entered pregnancy as one woman and you left it as someone a little bit different. You are still finding your feet as the new you.

Choosing to embrace your new life as a mom as a healthy mom is a great decision since your child will need you to be strong. When he or she starts to walk or run around, they will also need you to be energetic! Start practicing now! Taking the time to focus on yourself can help remind you of the person that you are and the fact that you exist outside of your role as a mother.

9 Be Kind to Yourself (You're Doing Great)

So you want to be Super Mom. You've got the To Do List waxed. Daily plans and notice boards fill the house. You've got this. Right? Then why are you failing so dismally? Maybe you are a perfectionist and you need to realize no mom is perfect.

No one can do everything right 100 percent of the time. Keep getting up each time you fail. Learn from your mistakes. Be kind to yourself. You're doing the best that you can.

8 Reach Out For Help

Being a new mom can be incredibly overwhelming. They might be small but babies eat often. They cry often. They go through nappies. You feel like you have just fallen asleep and now you must wake up again. It's crazy!

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Why not enlist the support of your sister, your friends, your mom, or even mother-in-law? They can stand in for you when you need an extra nap. Don't brave motherhood alone. You've got this mom, you can do it - with a little help from your friends!

7 Join a Mom Group

There are many mom groups out there. Some focus on baby and toddler development. Others are all about you and encouraging you to be the best mom you can be, focusing on your weaknesses and strengths and equipping you to give motherhood your best shot.

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Some are fitness-focused, including moms who walk around the block pushing prams each day. Find the right group of moms for you and let the ladies be a part of bring back your 'happy', helping you to find your feet as a new mom.

6 Embrace the 'New You'

Chances are, that going through something as big and transformative as becoming a mother is going to change you. It, most likely, won't fundamentally change who you are at the core of your being but it will change your priorities, your perspective, and the overwhelming nature of the entire process could lead to you wishing that you could go back to simpler times.

You wouldn't exchange your child for anything in the world so don't even let your mind make the comparison between the old new and the new you. Chances are you entered pregnancy as a caterpillar, and you have emerged, a butterfly.

5 Join a Spiritual Group

Everyone needs significance, meaning and purpose in their life. Even new moms, despite having a child taking centre stage and finding themselves simultaneously tired and frustrated, and elated - need a great meaning and purpose to their lives. You might feel cooped up in the house, doing domestic duties, and you might even feel like a milk dispenser at times, but you have great value, not just as a mom but as a person.

Your child was created for an intention and so were you. Life has meaning (even if it is simply the meaning that you have given it) and it can be easy to get lost in the every day and lose sight of that. A spiritual group can help you to discover what lies resident in your own heart.

4 Get Your Partner Involved

How are things going in your marriage? How has the arrival of your child affected this? You weren't designed to carry parenthood alone and trying to carry it without friends, family, a partner or spouse will only result in tiredness and disillusionment. If you are married, let your partner know how they can help. And if you are single, don't be afraid to reach out to loved ones. Love comes in many different forms.

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But also bring the 'happy' back by scheduling in dates every now and again. A little romance will sweeten your life, and this will benefit your child, in terms of raising mom's joy levels. Remember that you are parents but you are also a couple, and both relationships need to be nourished.

3 Spend Time Outdoors

There is nothing more therapeutic than time spent in a garden or park. Don't stay indoors with your baby, you both need some vitamin D and a fresh environment. It will benefit baby and you getting out, and walking through a park, or putting a blanket on the lawn and having some outdoor time.

Go on walks, or picnic with friends, or with your spouse, or even your mom if you aren't married. Let your child explore the natural surrounds. If they are still a baby, carry them around outside and let their fingers touch the different leaves and flowers, to explore different textures.

2 Rediscover an Old Hobby

Some of your old interests might not necessarily fit in with your new lifestyle, however, you can adapt them. For example, if you love music, why not use this as a way to stimulate, entertain and interact with your child.

Or if art is your thing, let little hands explore wide-open canvasses, and be prepared to get slightly messy with paints and crayons and art materials. Reawaken what lies in your heart. It is there for a reason and wasn't snuffed out when you became Mom.

1 Play Your Favourite Music

Music feeds the soul and encourages feelings of wellness. It also connects one to one's authentic self via bringing back old memories. Get your favorite CDs out, play them in the house, and dance with your baby or your partner (or both!) Your child will appreciate the music as children instinctively warm to happy, vibey - or slow and beautiful melodies.

The music will also be beneficial for their development and will help keep you grounded on those days when the stressed, tired mommy blues settle in.

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