Five Smart Ways To Fight Postpartum Hair Loss

Postpartum recovery has its own set of challenges that every mom must meet head-on. Of course, there's the very first days full of cluster feeding and adjusting to a lack of sleep. Then there's the uncomfortable nether regions, bleeding for weeks (called lochia), and deflated recently pregnant belly. Who has time to take care of their hair after the baby is born? After a few months, new moms might start feeling like themselves again. That is, until they start losing their gorgeous pregnancy hair! Postpartum hair loss is incredibly common; no matter how common, it can still be discouraging. Losing hair hits new moms where it hurts. When you look your best, you feel your best, and every mom deserves to feel her best! It's time to take care of postpartum hair loss!

Brushing Your Hair Too Much Can Cause Breakage

Put down the brush! Via Working Mother

Hair grows a very specific physical structure that leaves it vulnerable to breakage. Even the healthiest hair can snap and tangle if it's overworked! When you experience postpartum hair loss, consider laying off the brush for a while. Excessive brushing or combing can snap or break hair which makes it appear thin. Heating tools make hair more prone to breakage, too! Going hands-off in your styling will leave you with the healthiest possible postpartum hair. Maybe try one of those mom-friendly hairstyles like the ubiquitous messy bun!

Use A Volumizing Product To Get Thick, Beautiful Hair

Try a volumizing spray! Via Caffeine & Cuddles Blog

This trick is all about working with what you've got! Make your hair appear thicker by using volumizing products. Curly-haired moms can play up their texture with a volumizing mouse or the "Curly Girl" method. Be careful using texturizing powders as they may contribute to breakage! Otherwise, build up your volume and make what you have look and feel like so much more.

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Continue Taking Prenatal Vitamins To Keep Healthy Hair

Prenatals are great for baby AND mom! Via Self Magazine

When my son was born, I continued to take my OTC prenatal vitamins. My OB encouraged me, "Prenatals are great even if you're not trying to conceive or pregnant. Just use it instead of a multivitamin." People who aren't pregnant will notice an improvement in their hair, skin, and nails when taking prenatal vitamins. Postpartum moms might not keep their fabulously thick pregnancy hair, but they can keep their remaining hair happy with prenatal vitamins.

Cover Postpartum Bald Spots With Wigs Or Hats

Maybe a thick headband could conceal bald spots? Via Corner Of Hope & Mane

Maybe your postpartum hair loss doesn't make you feel confident. That's okay! Let's find a way to make it work for you as you wait for new growth. Consider a "cover" - maybe a wig or a series of hats or scarves? Most moms won't feel the need to go to this length, but it is a great option for those who choose it!

Try A Short Hairstyle To Encourage New Hair Growth

Lean into the short hairstyles with texture to add fullness! Via A Girl Named PJ

If you've seen pictures of me, you know this is my go-to solution for postpartum hair loss! Trimming your hair short can help disguise some of the symptoms. Instead of looking limp and dull, short hair can look wispy and sweet. While your hair grows back it will be accompanied by new growth, meaning your final result will be a thick, full, lush head of fresh hair! I've chosen to chop my hair short after my children were born. It's also a bonus when they start reaching for loose strands of hair because there's less to pull! A new haircut after baby can make mom feel her best.

No matter how you choose to cope with postpartum hair loss, know you're not alone! Most women lose a good bit of their hair about four to six months after delivery. The good news? Most of that hair will likely grow back over time! This new growth will make your hair look full and healthy in a matter of months. Until then, remember these five tips to get you through!

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