Move Over Baby Showers, Postpartum Parties Are A Hit With New Moms

Baby showers are an excellent way for an expectant mom to get some of the goodies she needs before her little one arrives while enjoying time with family and friends. However, it is after the baby comes that mom and dad really need help but are in no state of mind to ask for it.

Well, one mom recently suggested having a postpartum party instead of a baby shower, and it is truly a genius idea. Oh yes, this party is going to be the party every mom with a newborn needs, but it is not a typical get-together.


Bust writer Marisa Mendez Marthaller's postpartum party idea has gone viral with mothers and mamas-to-be all going crazy over it. The idea is that instead of a baby shower, people come together to help out once the baby is brought home. But, it isn't an "everyone come over at once to see the baby" type of gathering.

The concept of a postpartum party is not hard to execute. You just need someone who is very organized to be in charge of everything. The event is carried out over six full weeks during which friends and family help out by bringing food, doing housecleaning, and even "mother sitting". This is when people come to help out mom once dad has to go back to work, a time that can be incredibly overwhelming.

Also as part of the planning, the organizer will need to establish specific visiting hours for people to come to see the new baby. Therefore friends and family won't be dropping in at all hours of the day. The good news is that everything can be tracked on an online calendar, shared with everyone invited to the event.

Gifts and presents are great, but any parent with a newborn knows it takes a village those first few months and having a village willing to help out is way more precious than presents. You could still bring a gift to the postpartum party if you wanted but it is more about giving your time.

In theory, the postpartum party doesn't have to replace a baby shower, but it could. It is definitely something to think about doing if you or anyone you know is going to have a baby soon!


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Move Over Baby Showers, Postpartum Parties Are A Hit With New Moms