This Postpartum Gift Box Is What Every New Mom Needs To Thrive

Most successful ventures begin with an epiphany and entrepreneur Jess Kerr will concede. Quite often, there is a catalyst precipitating that defining moment and for Kerr, it was receiving a telephone call from a friend in utter distress.

The friend was a new mother and less than 24 hours after leaving the hospital following delivery, she found herself sobbing in the aisle at of her local target store lamenting to Kerr. "I had no idea I would leak everywhere," her friend said as she cried. "No idea what to get or what to do here." She was in physical pain, seeking relief and comfort and she was embarrassed to communicate it to strangers. The friend was feeling desperate and overwhelmed and she needed care.

A regretful Kerr felt that she and her friends had genuinely failed their dear friend explaining, “She didn’t need the six matching onesies I gave her, she needed mesh underwear and overnight pads.” The naked truth, the new mom also forgot about her own self-care. So, Kerr deduced that if her friend in all the chaos of preparing for the nurturing of baby could subconsciously defer her own needs, in all probability she was not alone. Kerr took action. Her mission - to help new moms thrive.

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After an industrious two years, she boasts the arrival of Postwell. A complete package of postnatal care in one magnificent box. Created with intent and absolute TLC, mom receives all the personal care must-haves to help with her recovery.

Kerr declares it was imperative to focus on the raw and authentic indicative of motherhood. She shares that the Instagram-world depiction of life after childbirth is frustrating. "It's like models holding babies. And if your experience isn't like that, how does that make you feel? It's not real," she said. Kerr declared that Postwell was going to deal with what’s real. Postwell has two impressive boxes available now, and two other others in premier stages.


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Kerr said the $60 basic box has all of the postpartum recovery essentials with no frills, helpful regardless of a birth plan — vaginal, C-section, home birth or natural. For mom’s relief and comfort, the box contains: Rael Overnight Pads, Earth Mama Herbal Perineal Spray, Earth Mama Herbal Sitz, A Momwasher Peri Bottle, Lansinoh Soothies Gel Pads, Tucks Pads, Medline Deluxe Perineal Cold Packs. All postpartum TLC mom will need.

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Kerr admits, she fell in love with a problem, then built a solution. Although her epiphany extends outside of the box. "I am hoping the Postwell Box will help women talk. Your friend or sister gives this to you and you have a real talk about real-life expectations. I want women to be prepared and empowered to own that time. They have just given birth."

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