10 Easy Tips For Potty Training Your Kids

One day every parent is excited about is potty training! Even though this process can seem strange at first to your toddler once they get the hang of it, not only are you going to be proud, they are going to be proud too. Potty training is something that your little one doesn’t get right away and does take practice. Potty training and knowing how to use the bathroom on their own is something that they are going to need to know before they start school. But next time you put your toddler on the toilet go through these ten tips to see how you can make potty training easier for your little one.

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10 Make A Schedule Early

Have you ever noticed that you tend to go to the bathroom around the same time every day? Well, your toddler is just like you and tends to use their diaper around the same time. So pay attention to your child and make a schedule early so you can help your little one succeeded when it comes to potty training.

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Knowing when your child tends to use the bathroom will make this whole potty training process faster if you can get them on the toilet before they really need to go.

9 Read Them Some Potty Training Books

Children’s books are amazing when it comes to teaching your child about anything. There are books out there to help your child learn about their feelings, how to share and potty training books! Having your little one see the who experience of potty training in a fun book can make this whole thing something they look forward too. These books are going to be funny, yet educational and one that you can read to them on the potty. Head to your local bookstore today and see what books they have on potty training.

8 Remember To Laugh

Potty training can feel frustrated and hopeless at times for you. All you want is your little one to understand the process so you never have to change a diaper again. Sitting by as you watch your child sit on the toilet which feels like hours is not how you want to be spending your days.

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But you need to remember to laugh! You want your child to understand that using the bathroom is not frustrating or stressful, but you feeling that way can make them feel that way too.

7 Don’t Talk Down About Bathroom Stuff

Sometimes when you are potty training or even training your little one's diaper you might try to start a conversation with your little one by saying “eww” or “gross.” but using this type of terminology can make your child think that the bathroom is gross and disgusting. You do not want your toddler to have any negative feels when it comes to using the bathroom. Using any negative talk even if you are trying to be funny can stick in their brains. So watch what you are saying when you are potty training them.

6 Always Make Them Try Before Going Out

The best habit to start your with your child when you decide it is time to potty train is to always have them try using the bathroom before you go out. It doesn't matter if you are going to run errands, have a playdate, or whatever, but even just sitting your child on the toilet can help them realize that they do actually have to go.

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This is going to be a good habit for your child to do when they are still young as seeing if using the bathroom is something they have to do.

5 Pay Attention To Their Body Language

You might not know this, but body language can tell a lot about if someone has to use the bathroom. Many times when someone has to use the bathroom they will cross their legs and even lean forward a little bit to hold it in. If you see your child holding onto their stomach or putting their hands in their pants can be clear signs they need to use the bathroom. So make sure you are paying attention to how your little one is carrying themselves to help avoid any accidents.

4 Be Patient

No one likes feeling rushed when it comes to using the bathroom. If you are in the bathroom with your child for a way do not show any signs that you are feeling impatient. Using the bathroom is not an inconvenience for you or them, using the bathroom is normal and a part of life and you do not want the make your little one feel bad for using the toilet.

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Do your best to stay patient and not to use any language to make your child feel rushed when they are trying to do their business.

3 Praise Your Child

When your child is done using the bathroom you want to praise your child so they know they are doing a good job. Using praise as a way to teach your little one how to use the bathroom will help in the long run when it comes to potty training. Praising your child will signal something in their brain that they are doing something correctly and should keep doing it to get more praise. This can help speed up the potty training process in general when it comes to your little one.

2 Invest In Easy Up And Down Diapers

Since potty training is not something that kids pick up right way they are known for having some accidents. So before you get your child into underwear you are going to want to invest in some easy up and down diapers. These types of diapers will be functional just like underwear, but if there is an accident it will be easy to clean up. Don’t keep cleaning up or throwing out diapers when there is an easier solution. Make the smart choice like many parents do and buy some easy up and down diapers.

1 Get Them A Kid’s Sized Potty

When you are potty training your child you are going to find out right away that they are not going to be able to use a regular size toilet right away. Make your child feel comfortable when they are using the bathroom and invest in a kid’s sized potty. These potties are smaller and can be moved anyway so your child can use something they will not fall into! And buying them a kid’s sized potty is also going to make them feel special and want to use the bathroom!

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