Potty Training Fails That Will Crack You Up!

Potty Training. Nothing will strike fear into the heart of a parent more than actually trying to teach the concept of potty training to a child. It’s enough to make you wonder if they make diapers in a size 7, and if you can get them and not get judged for them at times. And thats not the worst part?

Your kids are going to do something either gross, funny, or embarrassing while you’re in the process of training, and nothing you can change that. Whether they put poop on the floor or on you (it’s happened), or they coat the cat in a fresh bowl of cat pee, or even if they walk out of a public restroom naked as a blue jay - something they do is going to make you gasp or shake your head in exasperation.

You have to learn to go with the flow. (Ha, I made a funny!) Just let everything come naturally, and don’t push it too hard. (Ha!) Ok, I’m done being punny.

Maybe I should move on to the stories? These aren’t stories found off the internet, nope, I searched on my two favorite parenting groups on Facebook (The Baby Bunch and Mammas Helping Mammas), asked their members to give me some stories, and man oh man, I got a ton of material!

15 Show and Tell!

Sometimes, your little one will be so proud of their accomplishment, that they will immediately want to share it with you, and everyone in the room. No matter how stinky it is; just ask Myoka.

Myoka, age 27, told me all about potty training her 3 year old daughter. After many, many unsuccessful attempts to poo in the potty, she finally did it! But, how’d mommy find out? Well, because her sweet little darling brought her poo to mommy! Myoka freaked out and tried to get her to put it into the big toilet, but she ran into the bathroom, dropped her turd in the floor, said uh-oh, and then stomped on it.

Talk about a stinky, squishy situation! I’m not sure what’s worse, when they smear their poop all over the walls or when something like this happens...either way, all I can say is Pee-yu!

14 Wake Up and Smell the...Poo?

This particular story cracks me up on a personal level, but that’s because they’re personal friends of mine and I can just picture this happening with absolute clarity. We all want our kids to come to us when they have an accident in their diaper or pull up, but I don’t think any of us want it to happen like this!

Mandy, a friend of mine, age 27 , was potty training her daughter Isabella. Bella was potty training, and had an oopsie. She took her diaper off, with poop in it, on top of daddy. He rolled over, not knowing what it was, and smeared it all over his neck. He then got up to get a shower, because...neck poop, hello... and it fell off him and onto the floor. He took one step and it squished all in between his toes. Yuck.

13 Toilets are for Wimps!

This is another story from another friend of mine, and it’s one that can happen to anyone! We teach the kids all the time to use the potty or the toilet, but what happens when they decide... ‘Eh, not really feeling the potty today... where else can I use the bathroom?’

This was the situation faced by this person. This friend of mine, Jesika, age 23 , was potty training her son Blaze. When he was first potty training, he realized at one point that he needed to go poop. He decided, in a moment of pure brilliance, that putting the potty seat on the toilet was for wimps, so he put the potty seat on the counter beside the sink.

Jesika walked in to him pooping directly onto the counter! I can only imagine how much disinfectant it took to get her counters clean again after that.

12 Daddy vs Daughter

This one comes from a Daddy! We all know that, generally speaking, girls pee sitting down, and boys pee standing up. Well, this little girl got a bit confused.

Kevin, age 23 at the time, was in the process of potty training his now 11 year old. She was almost 4. She ran into the bathroom while he was peeing, dancing and saying she had to go pee! He said “Gimme a Sec!” and after he flushed, he turned to tell her that she could go on and go. She pulled her pants down and proceeded to pee everywhere, while attempting to stand at the toilet to pee!

He says, “You have to sit down when you pee!” Her response? “You didn’t!” He was speechless! This is why it’s a good idea, in my personal opinion, to teach privacy along with potty training, and to shut doors behind you when you don’t want your little one in the bathroom.

11 Outdoor Hijinks!

Myoka again, with another hilarious story. Now if you’ve ever been camping, you know that the bushes and trees are your toilet because you don’t have an outhouse in a lot of places when you go camping.

When Myoka was 20, maybe 21, her oldest and her went camping with friends out on a lake. Her friend Sammie was trying to show her kiddo how to squat and pee in the bush. Well, Sasha, her daughter, wasn’t understanding that she needed to squat DOWN, so she just stood there and peed!

Sammie couldn’t stop laughing and proceeded to dunk little Sasha into the lake for a rinse. Sasha was sitting in the water and looked up at them, and asked them, completely seriously, “Well why didn’t I just pee in here?” I’d have asked her, ‘So you want to swim in pee tomorrow then?’, but either way...what a smart kiddo!

10 Hide and Go Pee!

Getting that potty training routine down in the first few weeks is a nightmare sometimes... so when you have it, you’re excited, and you don’t worry as much. Enter the fatal mistake this mama had the misfortune of making.

When Liz, age 20, was potty training Hadley, she had their routine down. One day, Hadley was playing in the kitchen, and Liz asked her if she needed to go potty. She said no, and proceeded to keep playing as kids are likely to do. Mom asked again a few minutes later, and Hadley pointed into the cabinets and told her no again.

Well, what little didn't Liz know was Hadley really didn’t need to go potty...because she had already done so in the bottom cabinet. No one can fathom just why the kiddo decided the cabinet looked more appealing to pee in than the toilet. I guess when you gotta go, you gotta go?

9 Porch-a-Potty

It’s a debatable topic as to if children should be allowed to go to the bathroom outside when playing instead of being made to come in. This mama figured out why it’s a good idea to have kids potty on the toilet at all times.

Brittani, age 23 at the time, was potty training her son Dakota, and while they had the whole peeing thing down, they were still working on poop. On occasion, Dakota was allowed to pee off the porch. Well, he went to his papa’s one day, and she saw poop on the front porch.

She went to ask him why, and when she asked, he said, “I pooped outside just like I pee outside.” Yikes! Well, at least it was easier to wash off. It could have been worse. He could have pooped on the carpet inside or something!

8 Sister Shenanigans!

Not all potty training stories happen to parents! Sometimes, siblings are old enough to be potty training their little brothers and sisters too!

That’s the situation Krista, age 20 , was in when she was helping her mom to potty train her sister, who is 2 years old. When she gets on the potty, she tells her sister to let her hear it, and when she starts, Krista says “Yay, sissy!” and claps.

Well, they were at Walmart, and Krista had to go to the bathroom, and she took her sister with her. She sat down and her little sister got all close and put her hand by her ear. When Krista started to pee, her sister yelled, “YAY sissy, you peed in the big girl potty!”. All you could hear for a good minute was the sounds of the other women laughing! How cute is that!

7 So Tire-d of Potty Training!

This one’s another one showing the downsides of letting kids potty train by just going outside to do their business. And it’s ever so slightly more embarrassing than the other one!

When Erin was 21, her son was 3 years old. He couldn’t quite get the hang of potty training, so they told him whenever he had to pee, to go outside and pee on papaw’s truck to make it fun for him. It was an old, broken down truck and they have a private backyard.

Well, they went out shopping, and he had to pee. He went up to a car in the parking lot, and started peeing on their tire! Epic fail, but it made everyone laugh! I’m guessing after that, her little one was told to use the potty and not the tire of papaw’s truck anymore!

6 A Streak-y Situation

Kids love to be naked, let’s face it. If you gave them the option of going without clothes, or putting on shorts and undies, most will choose to go the way they were born, stark naked.

Corrine, age 18, was potty training her 2 year old son, and things seemed to be going well. One day, he wet his underwear, and he took them off by the front door. Next, in what I am sure was a perfectly logical thought process for a toddler, he ran out the door and all over the yard butt naked, laughing as Corrine chased him down!

The 80 year old neighbor at the time got a kick out of it, at least! She about fell out of her lawn chair, laughing her butt off! It reminds me of that old, funny song, They Called Him The Streak! And now that song is stuck in my head.

5 A Burger, with the Buns on the Side

When we have kids, it doesn’t mean we’ve become recluses and unable to go out and have a good time on occasion. I personally take my kids out to eat once a month, whenever I can, because if they don’t go out, they’ll never learn proper restaurant etiquette! This goes for using the potty in the restaurant, too.

When Lena, age 25, was potty training her son Carter, who was 3 at the time, she took him out to a restaurant. Now we all know the struggle of potty training a child in public. It’s crazy sometimes. Well her friend had to go to the bathroom, and little Carter ended up needing to go as well.

After a few moments, she heard people snickering and saying rude comments. As she looked around, she saw Carter walking out of the bathroom, with toilet paper, and no pants on. Now that was embarrassing.

4 Video Wet the Potty Training Star

Some people use books, some people use songs, and some people use videos to assist them in potty training their kids, and there’s nothing wrong with any of it.

When Rochelle, who was 28 at the time, decided to potty train her daughter, ‘Sally’, she opted to go the route that involved training videos. Anyhow, one day she let her little one watch her potty training video. It must have been pretty motivational, because moments later, she peed her pants!

To go along with Sally, they tried teaching her about not wetting herself by telling her not to poop or pee in her undies. Well, she took that as saying not to go at all, and ended up needing an enema and stool softeners to coax her into pooping again a few days later. Ouch. Hopefully everything was smooth sailing from then on out!

3 I Need a Hug!

If you think potty training one kiddo is tough, imagine the struggle that parents of multiples have. It’s insanity, to the max, and multiplied by however many kids they have!

When Paula, who was 33 at the time, was potty training her triplets, she sure had her hands full! But when training one of them, her daughter Jessica, who loved going potty, she noticed that Jessica was still qutite small for her age. Mommy mode kicked in, and she was so worried Jessica would fall in, that she would hug onto Jessica when she went potty to make sure she didn’t make a real splash!

Her son Dylan, though, would only poop in the potty chair. He refused to pee, and didn’t want to go potty in any potty until he was almost age 4. On the bright side, they eventually got it down, and they’re both happy and healthy today!

2 Monkey See, Monkey Do!

Kids are sponges; literally. They will soak up anything they hear or see, and they will mimic it. If you’ve ever heard your kid pop out a swear word while you looked at them in shock, that’s why.

When Amber, who was 29, was potty training her 2 year old daughter Tayla, it was actually going really well! Tayla had a ton of interest in the potty, and she started trying to do like mommy! However, one day, she was napping, or so mommy thought. Amber heard something in the bathroom...Tayla was sitting on the side of the tub, peeing away!

Earlier that day, they’d had potty time for Tayla, and mommy had the sudden urge to go, so, she did...in the tub. (She cleaned it right after!) Tayla remembered that, and thought she had to be just like mommy! What a goof ball!

1 I Did It!

This one is last, because it’s one that happened to me! When my daughter Rayne was potty training, I was around 27. We had tried everything, and it wasn’t clicking. One day, she was watching Dora, and all of a sudden, she ran for her potty without being placed on it. I was washing dishes, but I found out about it soon enough...because moments later, she ran in saying “I did it!” and sloshed a full potty of pee all over my kitchen floor.

Worst part? Right after I told her good job for peeing, the dog ran in, slipped in the pee, and soaked all of his fur in pee. Then shook it all over her. The dog and her got a bath, my floor got a washing, and my walls needed disinfecting. However, I still praised her to the moon and back. Why? Because that look of accomplishment and excitement, and the feelings of happiness, drove her to keep going and to use the potty. She hasn’t had more than a handful of accidents since, over 2 years later. She goes into Kindergarten this fall.

Potty training is tough, but you’ll get through it. Eventually, your little one will get the hang of this thing we all take for granted, and they’ll be peeing in the potty like a pro, and you’ll be thrilled and sad at the same time, because no more diapers, but they’re growing up too soon, and life will go on.

Just be sure to laugh a bit at some of the hilarity along the way!

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