10 Powerful Boy Names With Strong Meanings

Parents find inspiration from all kinds of places when it comes to naming their child. One direction some choose to take is selecting a moniker that they connect with on a deeper level. Many moms and dads want to give their son a name with a strong meaning.

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The monikers on this list will give any little man a great start to life. From names that command attention to titles that were made for natural-born leaders, these options will be sure to please anyone looking for a mighty name. Here are 10 powerful boy names with strong meanings.

10 Griffin

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Parents who want to give their son a name with a strong meaning should look no further than the name Griffin. This one has mythological roots that makes it even more appealing, as it’s a creature with a lion’s body and an eagle’s head. How cool is that?

Griffin is a Welsh name that means strong lord. It doesn’t get much more masculine than that. It’s also a diminutive of the name Griffith and cute nickname for this one would be Fin. A famous actor who claimed this one is Brendan Fraser, who chose to name his son Griffin.

9 Andrew

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A solid option for parents who are seeking a name with a powerful meaning would be Andrew. We think that this one sounds very dignified. It has royal roots as we are all familiar with Prince Andrew, who is the Duke of York from the British Royal family. If it was fit for a prince then it would certainly suit your son.

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Andrew is a Greek name that means strong and manly. A few great nicknames for this one would be Andy or Drew. Your little guy will command attention with this moniker so be sure to claim it before your friends do.

8 Ryker

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If you’re hoping to give your son a moniker that packs a serious punch, then you’d be smart to consider calling him Ryker. This one is distinctive without being too edgy. It entered the charts in the 1990s and saw an uptick in 2017. It’s been steadily rising ever since but isn’t a name that is overused.

Ryker is a German name that means superior strength. Your little man will grow up to take on the world with a name like this. Robust, original, and mighty, Ryker is a bold choice that is sure to please both mom and dad.

7 Liam

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Liam is another name that has intense meaning. This is one of those monikers that starts out cute for a baby but then will grow right alongside your son. Liam has been overtaking the charts and was even crowned Nameberry’s #1 boy name for 2017. It’s a popular option that many parents love.

This one is an Irish name that means resolute protection. Liam is a variation of the sophisticated title William. We think it’s much more approachable and a little boy given this name will have a great start to life. Be sure to circle this one for its strong meaning.

6 Barrett

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Animal-lovers will be attracted to the name Barrett for their son. It’s a German moniker that means bear strength. We think that this one is just too charming to pass up. Your son will love being associated with such a strong animal and have a passion for the outdoors with a name like this one.

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Barrett isn’t a name that you hear every day so it’s just original enough to stand out. It found a place on the charts in the 1960s but hasn’t taken off yet. That just means that your child will be ahead of the trends if you name him Barrett.

5 Ethan

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Ethan is one of those names that checks many boxes. For starters, it has a great meaning. This one is a Hebrew moniker that means strong and firm. It also has a timeless sensibility that gives it some serious staying power. It’s just traditional enough without feeling ordinary.

This one saw a surge in the charts when Tom Cruise played Ethan Hunt in the Mission Impossible franchise. Gallant, trendy, and powerful, Ethan is a substantial name. Your son will be a natural-born leader with a title like this one. You’d be smart to put dibs on this one.

4 Wyatt

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Looking for a name suited for a little cowboy? The name Wyatt comes to mind. This one seems to just command respect. It’s the perfect pick for a little man who will grow up on a farm. It's an English name that means brave in war. How manly is that?

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Wyatt has been doing well as a baby boy name since the 1880s. It still isn’t a name that you hear repeated often. We think that it’s just waiting to be snatched up. Many celebrities have named their son Wyatt, from Kurt Russell to Sheryl Crow.

3 Callen

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Callen is a simple name that is suited for an adventurous little guy. Parents who want a unique moniker that sounds classic will want to take note of this one. It is one of those monikers that will certainly get attention from everyone he meets since it hasn’t been overused.

Callen is a Gaelic moniker that means rock. A little boy given this name will feel empowered and will take the lead in every situation. We feel like parents will instantly connect to its meaning. Plus, Callen is one of those names that just seems to roll off the tongue.

2 Rex

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Looking for a quirky name with a powerful meaning? The name Rex would be the perfect fit for your son. This one hits a few trends as it’s a one-syllable name and also ends with the letter “x." Hipster parents will jump all over this one.

Rex is a Latin name that means king. Your little guy will take charge with a moniker like this one. Some people consider Rex to be a unisex name but we think that it’s too masculine to pass up for a boy. It has a rough and tumble feeling that we just love.

1 Gabriel

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Religious-minded parents will love the spiritual meaning of the name Gabriel. This Biblical moniker was the name of the archangel who announced the birth of Christ. It has an appealing feel to it that will make everyone stand up and show respect to your son.

Gabriel is a Hebrew name that means God is my strength. A cute nickname for this one is Gabe, which we think sounds so friendly and approachable. If you want a divine name with a strong meaning, then Gabriel would be a great one to consider. Refined, energetic, and generous, Gabriel is a wise choice.

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