Preemie Born Three Months Early Reportedly Saved By Bubble Wrap

A baby in the UK who was born 13 weeks before his due date has bubble wrap to thank, among other things, for keeping him alive.

Pregnancy can be such an unpredictable period in a woman's life. Thankfully, for most women, everything will go to plan. However, for others, a spanner can be thrown into the works. In some cases, everything can feel as if it is going exactly to plan only for something to unexpectedly go wrong midway through.

That's what happened to Paige Worthington-Mort in the UK, reports Yahoo News. Paige and her partner thought everything was well and good with their pregnancy. However, at the 24-week mark, doctors discovered that she had developed preeclampsia. After spending three weeks in hospital as doctors tried to get a foothold on the condition, it had become so bad that her baby had to be delivered early.

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Not just early, but 13 weeks early. A scary prospect for all involved. When little Marleigh was born, he weighed just 1 lb 13 oz. As soon as he was born, Marleigh was taken to neonatal care and wrapped in bubble wrap to keep him warm. After having a procedure at just one day old, doctors discovered that bubble wrap was the only thing keeping Marleigh warm enough to ensure his condition didn't worsen.

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Marleigh was born in March of 2018. However, he obviously wasn't allowed to go home a day or two later like most newborns. The little one had to spend the first nine months of his life in hospital. For much of that time, his parents feared the worst. They even held a naming ceremony in the hospital not only to welcome him into the world, but to also say goodbye should every parent's worst nightmare unfold.

15 months later and not only is Marleigh still with us, but he is at home and thriving. Paige says he's the happiest baby she has ever seen and that he very rarely cries. To live in a time where a baby can be born after just 27 weeks of pregnancy and survive to live a normal life is nothing short of incredible. And to think, something as simple as bubble wrap helped keep Marleigh alive.

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