This Woman's Pregnancy Gave Her An Allergy To Water

Pregnancy can do a lot of weird things to our bodies. Foods that never used to negatively affect us now do, not to mention the wardrobe full of clothes that used to fit and now don't. For one woman, having a baby left her with a serious allergy that is hard to avoid. 29-year-old Stacey Gilks from the UK revealed that she was left with an allergy to water after giving birth to her second child last year.

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Gilks first noticed that something was wrong when welts appeared on her hands over doing the dishes. At the time, her daughter was seven months old. It was a difficult period for the mother-of-two, who was also dealing with the loss of two family members when her symptoms first started. According to her, her reaction to water became so great that she couldn't even cry without her cheeks becoming raw and painful. Stacey could only bring herself to shower twice a week, and each time was excruciatingly painful.

Like most of us, Stacey turned to the internet for help, hoping to find a diagnosis for what could be wrong with her. Her research turned up "aquagenic urticaria", a condition that causes hives to rapidly appear when skin comes in to contact with water. The Manchester native, who has an older daughter, Lily, first started noticing the symptoms in the height of summer. In the middle of the night, her sweat would cause her to wake up with terribly itchy skin.

Despite the condition, Gilks had no choice but to get on with mom-life, bathing her kids and washing their clothes. Looking back on it, she believes that a combination of pregnancy hormones and stress from the loss of her relatives triggered the condition. At first, she wondered if it could be washing powder or the chlorine in the water, but after changing her detergent made no difference, she realized it must be something worse. Despite being prescribed an antihistamine by her doctor, the rashes still continued to develop when she came into contact with anything wet or damp.

Then, in January 2018, while waiting for an appointment to see a dermatologist, Stacey's condition miraculously stopped. She firmly believes it's down to the fact that she no longer had such high levels of pregnancy hormones in her body.

Have you ever experienced changes in your skin or a new allergy post-pregnancy? Let us know in the comments!


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