Breaking The News: How To Tell Your Partner You Are Pregnant (According To New Moms)

Finding out she is pregnant is one of the most thrilling things a woman can experience. Another very exciting thing for moms-to-be is telling other people about the big news. There are some truly fun and exciting ways for ladies to tell their friends and family members that they are about to add another member to their family.

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But before ladies announce something like that to anyone else, they typically tell their partners about it first, which is also a pretty big moment. There are lots of creative ways to do that. Here are some ways expectant mothers told their partners they were going to have a baby.

10 Write A Letter

Ladies could choose to write a letter to their partner when they find out they are expecting. One mother added a lot of humor to the situation by writing a fake letter to her partner, and it suggested that he would get a big tax break in the upcoming months.

Apparently, she put lots of hints about her baby news in the letter, but he still did not understand what had happened. The father had to read the letter multiple times before he figured it out. This is one very clever and funny way to deliver news like that.

9 Suggest Some Movies

Ladies can use movies to tell their partner that a baby is on the way. There are lots of movies that are about pregnancy and giving birth, so announcing a pregnancy this way should be fairly simple and easy.

One expectant mother woke her husband up early in the morning to tell him about her baby-related news. But instead of being upfront about it, she informed him that they were having a movie night that night, and she named a few movies that mainly focus on pregnant characters. The couple ended up watching the film Juno later on that evening.

8 Meet Them In The Hallway

If a woman wants to keep things a bit simple when she announces this news to her partner, she can just have them meet her in any room of the house and talk to them. That is what happened when one woman decided to go against her original plan. She had been planning to have a fancy dinner at home with her husband, but when she found out she was pregnant, she forgot all about that.

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The mother decided to meet him in a hallway in their home, and she then started crying. Initially, her husband thought something was wrong, but he was very excited when he found out the news.

7 Get The Dog In On It

Getting a dog in on a pregnancy announcement is adorable, and lots of people have done that. In one case, a woman put a shirt on her dog, and it said “Big Brother.” But there was a lot more to this announcement as well.

The expectant mother poured a glass of champagne for her husband, and she gave herself some apple juice, which can look very similar to champagne. As soon as her husband saw the dog, he figured things out.

After that, he inquired about whether or not there was also champagne in her glass as well. The two were very excited because they had just started trying to get pregnant.

6 Buy Them Flowers

When someone gets flowers, they probably know it is because of something special, so flowers are an awesome thing to include in a pregnancy announcement. When one lady wanted to spread the news about her baby to her partner, she went out and bought him some flowers.

But that is not all she did. The mother-to-be also purchased a balloon that said “congratulations,” and she put all of that on a table, along with some small champagne bottles. When her partner saw what all she had done, he knew something was up because of the flowers. It didn’t take him long to figure it all out.

5 Use The TV Remote

Lots of people watch television, so incorporating that into a pregnancy announcement is a really cute and unique idea. One woman’s partner was a big fan of watching television, so she decided to make that a part of her announcement in a very subtle, yet cool, way.

When she left for work, she left her partner a note. The note said “Hello Daddy!” The expectant mother also left a positive pregnancy test near the note in order to make her message even more clear and obvious. But she wasn’t sure if her partner would see it, so she left the television remote next to the note.

4 Make Christmas Morning Unforgettable

Christmas Day is already special, but it can be even more special when moms-to-be announce their pregnancies on that day. One lady decided to make her partners’ Christmas the best one ever when she told them that a baby was on the way.

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The couple had already opened up all of their presents that morning, but what her partner did not know was that the best gift was yet to come. The mom-to-be got a camera ready, and then she informed them that she was pregnant right before taking a photo of their facial expression. Other family members were there as well, which made it even more special.

3 Go To Disney World

Disney World is a magical place, but it is even more magical for at least one person, because that is where they found out they were going to be a parent. One woman chose to take her partner to Disney World to tell him that she was pregnant.

She did that because that was a place that had always held a very special place in both of their hearts, which is very touching. Previously, her husband proposed to her in front of Cinderella’s castle, so that is where she announced her news. She also gave him a very special pin.

2 Coffee Mugs Are Useful

Lots of people drink coffee, so it is pretty cool and easy to use coffee or coffee mugs to help spread the news about a new baby. There was one mother who did something truly adorable with a really cute coffee cup she made, and it does not seem very likely that her partner will ever be able to forget it.

After finding out that she was pregnant, she created a mug, which is pretty cool because it is not one that anyone else would own. At the bottom, she put an image of two baby feet, which her partner saw after he finished his coffee.

1 Use Baby Shoes

Buying baby shoes is a fun way to tell others that a baby is coming. One mom decided to go with this idea after she found out that she was expecting. The mother had been shopping with her sister, who was also expecting, when she informed her that she might be pregnant.

It turned out that she was, so she got some baby shoes and wrapped them up. She gave them to her husband, and he thought she’d made a mistake and given them to him on accident. But he was very happy when he found out the purpose behind the gift.

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