The Timing Of This Woman's Pregnancy Announcement Sparks Controversy

Picture this: you're an exhausted new mom, having only given birth a couple of weeks ago. You're adjusting to this brand new life - a life that includes a set of challenges that you never quite expected, including, but not limited to sleeplessness, all-over aches and pains, stress, anxiety and maybe even a little bit of fear thrown in for good measure. Being a new mom is no joke.

But today, you're the guest of honour.  Family and friends have come together and thrown you and your little babe a party to celebrate the newest addition to your family. You're surrounded by all of your favourite people and loved ones when all of a sudden, your sister takes centre stage and makes an announcement of her own: she's pregnant.

How would you react?

One new mom admitted to Mumsnet that she did not take it very well when this exact situation recently happened to her.

"My sister picked that moment to tell everyone she’s pregnant," she vented. "I am so p---ed off about it. It was my special moment. I have not talked to her since."

Fellow Mumsnet users were quick to jump to her sister's defence, however, stating that the birth of her own baby doesn't have to be minimized just because her sister is announcing that she herself is expecting.

"Your baby being born isn’t any less special because of her announcement," one user pointed out.

They added that she couldn't help but see the convenience connection, as everyone was there together in one room.

"She probably thought it would be a good time to announce it as everyone was there."


Others weren't shy to point out that the new mom's hormones may be playing a factor in what they deemed an overreaction to the situation and suggested that she make amends with her sister and get on with life.

"You are being very unreasonable," someone else pointed out. "You are not the first and not will you be the last to have a baby. I'd blame the hormones, say sorry and move on."

Not everyone took the pregnant sister's side, however. Others jumped to the new mom's defense, criticizing her sister for piggybacking on her special day.

"I mean let someone have their moment, she only needed to wait a few days," one user said.

Talk about sibling rivalry! Hopefully by now, the two have made amends and are looking forward to raising cousins so close in age.

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