Pregnancy Brain: 4 Ways It’s Real (And 4 Ways It Isn’t)

During pregnancy a woman's body changes in more ways than one. Of course, there are the physical changes due to your growing baby inside you, but there are also mental and emotional changes as well. And the biggest thing that women feel when they are pregnant is often referred to as pregnancy brain.

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Pregnancy brain is what happens to a woman when she becomes more forgetful during her pregnancy. Though some people believe that pregnancy brain is a myth, there seems to be a pattern with pregnancy and forgetfulness. So keep reading to discover four ways pregnancy brain is real and four ways it isn’t.

8 It Is Real: Thinking About Bigger Things

Many new parents become overwhelmed during pregnancy. Waiting for your baby to arrive feels like forever and there's so much to plan.

You have to wait nine months but this time is often spent in a hazy of planning and preparation. Since your brain is constantly thinking about everything else related to your baby, it's easy for women to forget the little things, according to WhatToExpect.com.

It makes sense too. Having a baby is a huge life-changing event and why would you focus on where you put your car keys when you have to focus on raising a child and making the right decision when it comes to birthing plans?

7 It Isn't Real: Lack Of Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important things that a person needs to survive. It gives our brain a chance to unplug and relax by sorting out the day's activities before recharging. And WebMD.com mentions that many women during pregnancy claim to have pregnancy brain but it may simply be due to their lack of sleep.

Being pregnant means that you can’t drink lots more coffee to keep you awake instead of taking that afternoon nap. So make sure you are getting enough sleep during your pregnancy to help with your memory and this helps for mom's brain too!

6 It Is Real: It’s Not A New Phenomenon

One of the best parts about being pregnant is hearing stories from your family and friends about when they were pregnant. Pregnancy brain is not something that's new, it’s something you are going to find that your friends and relatives have experienced too.

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This means that multiple generations of women have experienced this. So how can it not be real? Make sure you talk to your loved ones and start sharing your stories to see who has the funniest one out of you all.

5 It Isn't Real: It's Down To Stress

Dealing with a social life, your partner, and a job can stress anyone out. Then add in the fact that you are going to become a mother, all of these strains can really make your brain go into overdrive.

LiveScience.com mentions that a woman can experience memory loss due to the stresses she is feeling in her life; relationships, career, and now a big future with a child. This makes sense too since there have been times I forgot where things were in the house when I was experiencing a lot of changes at a job.

Keep pushing yourself to get through these stains in your life and you will see your memory will start to come back.

4 It Is Real: Your Body’s Going Through A Lot

Pregnancy is not always rainbows and butterflies. Sometimes it’s feeling sick all day, aching, and feeling sore due to your growing little one. With changes to your body happening it may be affecting your brain as well.

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Now your body is not just focusing on keeping you healthy, it's now using all of its energy to create a new life. So why would your energy go into remembering where you parked at the supermarket? Make sure you're going easy on yourself when you're pregnant since you and your body are going through a lot.

3 It Isn't Real: Due To Being Emotional

During pregnancy, a woman can become very emotional due to hormone fluctuations. To the point that even someone who never cried can break down due to the smallest thing happening. WhatToExpect.com states that a woman can become more forgetful since her emotions are running at an all-time high.

Being emotional, especially if you are feeling anxious or are constantly in tears, can really affect anyone's memories. Try talking to your partner, friends, or even a licensed professional to get out all of your emotions to see if that will help you feel better and get your memory back.

2 It Is Real: Every Pregnant Woman Experiences It

If pregnancy brain does not truly exist then why does every woman experience it? With every person having different lives and different things that they think about can people really claim that it just because of stress, tiredness or overthinking?

Women can handle a lot of things and finding out about a pregnancy is a very joyful time in a woman's life. We do not believe that during this time every forgetful woman is over-stressed and it's causing memory loss. We know it has to be something more.

1 It Isn't Real: No Effects On The Brain During Pregnancy

For pregnancy brain to exist then there needs to be shown signs that the brain is acting differently. This would include your brain not working in the same way it does when you are not pregnant or a different area of your brain is working when you are pregnant.

According to WebMD.com, there have been studies done that show that the brain is unaltered during a woman's pregnancy. This means that no lit up areas of the brain are different regardless of if a woman is pregnant or not.

Before you say that you forgot something because of your pregnancy brain think about the real reason why you are forgetting stuff.

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