Pregnancy Complications Might Be Indicators For Diseases Down The Line

For many women, pregnancy is a time that is filled with wonder and joy. Some women feel better than they ever have before when they are growing their little bun in the oven. For others, the nine-month journey is packed full of trials and tribulations and health concerns that seem to pop up out of the blue — the mamas-to-be who find that their gestation period is not all that it is cracked up to be often battle unforeseen ailments and conditions that they never saw coming.

For many years, things like gestational diabetes and pregnancy-induced hypertension were thought to be specific to pregnancy, and once the baby was born, mom could be expected to bounce right back and be in the clear.

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Health care professionals are now saying, not so! The stresses that pregnancy puts on a mother's body might be indicators of hidden health concerns and possible issues that might arise in the future. Doctors are suggesting that some pregnancy-induced conditions should be seen as warning signs for future illness. If a woman gets struck down with hypertension or diabetes, she should consider herself to be at a heightened risk for the full-blown disease even after the baby is delivered. Because of this new theory, women who end up with pregnancy-induced illnesses are encouraged to visit their ob-gyn and their primary practitioner to ensure that all in the body as well.

Hence, even though sugar levels and blood pressure levels are likely going to return to safe levels following delivery, women who battle through them should continue to monitor their health and treat pregnancy conditions as preexisting conditions.

The key to good health is diligence. A woman might be stricken with every pregnancy ailment in the book, and never see a lick of illness again. Then again a woman might take on pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes during gestation only to see it return decades later. There is no crystal ball determining who will end up dealing with what down the road. That being said, at least now women can better be conscious of the conditions' impact on their health down the line, just in case they are one of the unlucky ladies to have pregnancy be a precursor to lifelong health struggles.


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