Pregnancy Complications & A Stroke Left This Mom-To-Be Paralyzed At 29 Weeks

A new mother has been left paralyzed after developing a pregnancy complication and suffering a stroke 29 weeks into her pregnancy.

According to Fox News, 24-year-old Claire Winnett of Doncaster, England, was diagnosed with preeclampsia — complication known for causing high blood pressure and issues with the liver and kidneys — after seeking medical attention when she experienced uncontrollable shaking in her arm. Doctors also noticed bleeding on her brain and made the decision to go through with a C-Section.

Following the procedure, the new mother was placed in a coma for 10 days, while her baby, Sienna, stayed in the hospital's NICU. Two days later, Winnett was finally able to hold her newborn. The two were finally able to go home two months later.

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Via Fox News

Now, she faces another hurdle — months of rehabilitation. She's not able to walk, but she's started to regain feeling in her toes, a good sign for recovery, and she's using her newborn as inspiration along the way. Still, according to Stroke.org, Paralysis is a pretty common result of a stroke. Their numbers say nine out of every 10 sufferer experiences some form of paralysis as a result of the issue. Yet, for Winnett, she's just happy she and her baby survived.

“[The preeclampsia] is what caused the stroke. I just couldn't believe it. But it was all worth it to bring Sienna into the world. I don't know what I'd do without her. If I'd have survived without her I'd have felt guilty. She is helping me to get stronger. I want to get better for her. I want to be able to play with my daughter."

Preeclampsia is a condition that can occur around the 20-week mark of pregnancy, and it can even occur in women who experience normal blood pressure. If left untreated, there are serious ramifications for both the mother and baby. According to Mayo Clinic, the symptoms are not always immediately recognizable, but a jump in blood pressure is cause for concern (even if it's not instant). On top of that, headaches, issues with vision, nausea or vomiting, shortness of breath, excess protein in urine are just a few signs to look out for. They also say there are problems if the issue is noticed early on in pregnancy, there are other issues to look out for as well as the baby still needs to mature, but the complications caused by preeclampsia are severe.

No one goes into pregnancy expecting some form of complication, especially one that could be as life-altering as paralysis. Thankfully, Winnett seems to be on the mend, and the baby is happy and healthy. Hopefully, Winnett can enjoy a full recovery but in the meantime, she'll have to rely on family to help her out as caring for a newborn is a tough enough task for an able-bodied individual.


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