Pregnancy Contracts Are Becoming The New Prenups

Pregnancy contracts have become all the rage these days and are now being referred to as the new prenup.

Life changes drastically once news of a baby is confirmed. Although most people think that life doesn't change until the baby is born, it is actually altered the second parents confirm a pregnancy. Although during pregnancy life for the expectant mommy changes more, a father or significant partner who isn't pregnant is affected too.

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A pregnancy contract helps people outline their specific duties where a child is concerned, during pregnancy and after the birth. All of the contracts are different, and they do not have to be legal or formalized, but rather a discussion about what is expected from each party. It is vital for all parties involved to be on the same page when expecting a child and that is not always the case.

In fact, many times people don't talk about vital decisions such as child care, feeding, etc. before the baby is born. Winging it is definitely an option, but it is probably not the best choice, which is where a pregnancy contract is beneficial. Having the deal or at least the discussion opens the lines of communications and helps each person involved manage their expectations.

Topics in these contracts include changing diapers, bedtimes, feedings, finances, basically who is responsible for what when it comes to the baby. Now unlike a prenup, duties can change, but at least there is a starting point for discussion. When a child gets older or the family expands what was once outlined will need to be reviewed again.

It may seem crazy to write up a contract to outline expectations for baby duties, but it can help avoid some tense arguments. However, pregnancy contracts are the rise, in part to people wanting to clarify their needs and wants before the baby arrives. Nothing official has to draw up, parents to be can create their own version. It is really about understanding each parent's needs and expectation as life as they know it is forever changed.

There is nothing wrong with exploring a pregnancy contract, and it just might make the difference to new parents. What do you think?

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