Pregnancy Fashion Fails: 18 Celebs Who Tried To Cover It Up

Please just know that I am not a mean girl. I don’t go around ridiculing and mocking what everyone else wears. And, I mean, I’ve been known to love clothes (and shoes… and handbags…) in my day, but I’m by no means the type to put together a carefully curated outfit each and every time I leave the house.

The most important thing in the world to me isn’t always looking camera-ready.

In fact, as a mom to two very young kids, my standards these days often involve things like not smelling offensive, having sunscreen on any exposed skin, and being comfortable – bonus points if my feet will be cushioned for a couple hours out and about of wearing a baby in a front pack or pushing a jogging stroller.

So this little list is not at all to be mean – no, it’s to be entertaining. Because we all have those days where looking back, the clothes we (or if we’re famous celebrities, our stylists) picked out and put on before leaving that front door just aren’t quite flattering.

And during pregnancy, with a gal’s body changing sometimes quite drastically from one month to another, dressing stunningly and perfectly every day can be like shooting at a moving target. It’s not always easy – that’s for sure!

Well whether their choices were quite bold, too tight, incredibly see-through, or just plain unattractive in the eyes of their critics and fans, here are 18 pregnancy fashion fails from when celebs just couldn’t quite cover it up – or didn’t do it very well.

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18 Almost Famously Dressed


Now this ensemble might be seen two ways. And that’s how any rather bold outfit might end up, right?

Beautiful actress Kate Hudson stepped out for the evening during her pregnancy wearing a shear, layered two-piece outfit. The lining of her silvery skirt fit snug and hit just above the knee, with a floor length lacey layer trailing down to her toes with a fringed hem.

What some saw as beautifully bold up top in the matching halter others critiqued as ill-fitting or even inappropriate.

I guess I’d say that a woman, pregnant or not, should wear whatever the heck she wants to – whatever she feels comfortable and confident in.

If someone’s not comfortable with a lacy halter-top exposing a big bare baby bump, well then they can choose not to wear that.

17 Only So Much Stretch…


Well, she certainly poses confidently, and you’ve gotta love that. Also, she certainly seems to be dressing for comfort, and that is certainly important when pregnant. Loose and soft breathable cotton fabric can be so essential, as pregnant skin can be hot and itchy – and the last thing you want to do is overheat.

But here, the thing is, the stretch pants are such a light color and so tight. The pockets are pulled visibly as the pants struggle to contain the wearer’s hips. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having hips, but some definitely voiced their opinion that these pants were not a flattering choice for Blac Chyna.

This woman has confidence in herself (she reportedly spent some time as a standout exotic dancer – aka stripper, depending on who you ask) though, it seems, so that’s what really matters.

16 No Secrets Left Unexposed


Candice Swanepoel is a beautiful South African model known especially for her extensive work with lingerie company behemoth Victoria’s Secret.

And some would say this outfit in neutral shades was a flattering composition if you’re going for that earth-mama look. It has a California edge to it and is classically ’70s and classically feminine. (I personally avoided going braless or even wearing strapless ones while pregnant because pregnancy can mean sensitive and sore boobs.)

The thing is, some would caution against showing quite so much naked bump when it comes to everyday fashion. Plus, the light shade of the flowing linen skirt means that not much is left to the imagination – you can quite clearly see through it to the models legs – and everything else.

Some would say, hey, if you’ve got it, flaunt it. Others would say it was probably an accident that quite so much became exposed.

15 Swimsuit Model Shows All


Okay, so model Chrissy Teigen is married to singer John Legend and beloved the world over for her hotness and her sharing of many elements of her life on social media, especially Instagram. It’s easy to find beautiful images of the star in carefully considered outfits in which she looks like, well, a successful model.

Some might say that this pregnancy ensemble is chic and fashionable. The bold beauty jumps on the glorious ’90s denim trend with light-wash, distressed, cuffed ankle jeans and pairs them with a chic handbag, overcoat, and strappy heels in beige.

The problem, according to some critics? The sheer crop top she’s chosen may be more appropriate and flattering at another time, such as when there’s not a big pregnant belly sticking out from underneath it.

Do you love it, or do you think it’s a miss?

14 Laughing All The Way To Laguna Beach


I love this one because it’s recent, from just like a month ago maybe, and it features two former reality stars from a show that I at first hated and then loved because it was so bad it was good – and because many elements of it were somewhat familiar to me due to my own California upbringing.

I never much got into The Hills, but I will confess here that I have watched and re-watched a little teenage reality show called Laguna Beach, and dude, it’s pretty good.

I believe what’s happening here, if my Insta-memory serves me correctly, is that Heidi is attending a launch party for Kristin’s jewelry line in Los Angeles. And I happen to recall, as well, that this was a very warm week in California and a very hot day.

Good on Heidi for making it out to support her old pal. And we sure know you can find yourself feeling uncomfortably warm when pregnant!

But some would argue that this ensemble is quite laughable. The sheer lace bodysuit looks like lingerie, not something to be worn to an event, and the maternity shorts have a stretchy elastic waistband meant to be concealed under a longer shirt or blouse worn over the top – not tucked into them.

13 Taking Mummy Joke Too Seriously


What a way to announce a pregnancy!

Some would say this is a fun, cute way to reveal that you’re expecting. You dress yourself up for Halloween as a sort of glammed up, sparkly “mummy,” then reveal to the world that you are going to be a mommy!

What do you think? Do you love it? Are you tempted, maybe, to copy it yourself?

Or does it sort of make you laugh?

What’s with the super serious look on her face? Do the walking dead and blank serious stares really mesh so well with pregnancy, babies, and other such topics?

Some thought it was a laugh in a good way, while others thought it was a strange way to try to get attention.

Should she get a special strange-outfit pass because this one was for Halloween?

12 Sensual (Pregnant) Seduction?


You know when you’re super pregnant but you really want to go for that dark, sexy bedroom look – while attending a high-profile red-carpet event?

I can’t honestly say that I really identify.

Some might praise Kim K’s bravado once again as she flaunts her curves and shows off a beautiful face and full, sensual lips painted a plum shade.

Others might wonder what in the heck she was thinking.

What is this frock, even?

It appears to be a pantsuit, but one that’s made entirely of sheer lace, save for the crotch and inner seems, which are an opaque black fabric.

It’s all very drapey and looks like so much lingerie. It’s covered with a matching overcoat – or is it a bathrobe?

Sure, many like to feel and dress sexily sometimes. What critics would like to point out, though, is that maybe there’s a time and a place for it.

11 Going For The Attention Grab


So someone saw this sheer top (or maybe it’s a mini dress?) and leggings and said, yes, this is what M.I.A. should wear to the Grammys!

Would it really matter if she was rapping on a widely broadcasted television stage or simply heading out of the house, though? Would it be any better either way?

Wearing completely sheer fabric under bright stage lights is sort of like wearing nothing at all. And we get it – the whole point is probably to have only her lady bits and the center of her bump covered up by that, um, interesting design.

Some people may say the performer looks cool, comfortable, and casual as she performs.

Others may say… well, they may be at a loss for words. This is quite an outfit.

She’s got her stunner shades on and what appear to be bright orange nails to complete the ensemble.

Something tells us she was sort of going for the effect of shock and awe.

10 Not Down With That Gown


Some would say that the way this gown hangs and pulls, exposing naked side-boob, is not exactly the most attractive or flattering thing they’ve ever seen.

It certainly makes quite a statement.

This sequined gown is in a very pretty shade of turquoise blue. Its glistening embellishment catches every light, both during the arrival on the red carpet and likely during the Oscars event and at any after parties that were attended that night.

But rather than create a flattering shape for the attractive woman’s pregnant form, it almost appears to create one large and sagging bulge out of the chest and bump region.

Elsa Pataky looks happy and confident, anyway! And maybe that’s what really counts.

I personally wouldn’t ever have wanted to go braless during pregnancy, especially that late in the game. Talk about booby soreness!

9 Fun To Flaunt It?


She’s not the only celebrity to ever flaunt her baby bump with crop tops, but do you think she did it perhaps more times than any other? I haven’t been keeping a close tally, so I’m really not sure.

But in this example, the pop star who suddenly went from what many described as virginal schoolgirl-style singer to infamous tabloid sensation sports a tiny tie-front magenta top that seems to barely even contain, well, the girls up top.

It leaves her entire pregnant abdomen bared – a move some would celebrate as bold, feminine, and proud.

Others, though, have to smile or even laugh at the sight.

And hey, maybe it’s just that you don’t see a big naked pregnant belly hanging out as someone walks around in public just every day. It certainly is unique!

Paired with what appears to be a blue-and-white tie-died skirt that sits low on the hips, dark glasses, a messy up-do, and dangling jewelry, this is a look that has many varied elements to it…

8 OK… Kim K


I couldn’t personally tell if this reality star was pregnant when this photo was taken or not, but it’s all over the Internet as that time she went out wearing some of the worst maternity pants, like, ever.

And maybe someone like a Kardashian is sort of putting herself on display to be critiqued in signing up to be a reality star who is paid to have every moment of her life on camera for others to observe?

In any case, if you looked at the pants themselves while not being worn, they’d already be quite ridiculous, if you ask many observers. The ruffled waist and oversized (animal?) print fabric make them quite bold, to put it kindly.

But what some really found unpleasant about this look is that the trousers simply don’t fit. Even worn with stilettos, the slitted cuff is nearly hitting the ground. The slim-fit pants appear baggy at the calves and stretched too tight across the lap, where they buckle noticeably.

7 Awww, Drew…


I like to remember Drew Barrymore for her brief appearance in Wayne’s World. It’s been a while since I’ve seen the awesome film, but I believe she played a cute receptionist at – what was it? – a radio show’s office?

Needless to say, I’m a fan, and I think she’s super fun and pretty great.

And you know what she looks like here to me? A normal person. And isn’t that really kind of nice?

This mega-star has been appearing in movies ever since she was a tiny little girl (E.T.) and has been in so many beloved comedies, rom coms, and more throughout the years.

People really appreciate her down-to-earth attitude and look, and I’ve personally come to enjoy her relaxed California style.

Well when a normal person leaves the house or office or wherever they happen to be sporting a wrinkled linen button-up shirt that doesn’t quite cover their bump and low-sitting jeans, we might think nothing of it. But if you’re a famous celeb caught on camera, people may (will?) critique it.

6 Something Else In The City


I somehow must have been tuned out to celebrity culture during this particular SJP phase. I remember her clearly from her ’90s Hollywood movie phase (Hocus Pocus, anyone??), and I saw a few episodes of a little show you may just have heard of called Sex and the City, but I didn’t somehow catch any shots of her roaming around pregnant wearing exposed lacy lingerie and headscarves when it was actually happening, that I recall.

Did you? If so, what did you think of this interesting look at the time?

I guess I just think that maybe some people become known for making bold fashion choices, and if they get attention and receive praise for it, they might get a little bolder and then a little bolder still, not always resulting in the most flattering, functional, or praise-worthy ensembles.

And wait, she is actually pregnant here, right? Maybe it was during filming and a creative way to try to hide a bump?

5 Friends With Benefits


Yay for Courteney Cox, who played Monica Geller on insanely popular sitcom Friends.

And you know, if you’re just casually watching the show for the first time as it’s on the air, you probably think the team actually did a pretty darn good job of hiding the star’s pregnancy during the filming of these episodes.

In the series’ plot, Cox’s character actually can’t naturally conceive with Chandler, her husband, and they are about to adopt.

If you watch the show carefully, though, you’ll notice they even throw in some jokes about people implying that Monica looks pregnant in a certain shirt she’s wearing. They dress her in drapey and loose tops that are clearly hiding that cute little bump underneath.

So no, they didn’t fail exactly, but they seem to have had a bit of fun almost acknowledging the funniness of the situation.

4 Spelling Trouble


This shot of Tori Spelling was shared for the world to see. And she just happens to be wearing, well, not much at all.

There’s something particularly tacky, some would say, about letting the stretchy elastic waste of your maternity jeans or denim shorts hang out. Like, it’s just that it’s meant to be covered up by a long maternity top, so that they look like normal shorts or jeans.

But they can be worn however the mama in question wants to wear them, as this star proves by lounging around in just those and a bra, a gloriously large bump hanging out over the top of her denim bottoms.

Ah, Instagram… What was once (and some would say should still be) a private moment of comfort at home becomes easily broadcast for all the world to see.

Do you love it and think it’s a proud mama celebrating her pregnant form – or do think this outfit leaves something lacking?

3 Not-So-Hot Pants


Again, we’re all about ladies (be they pregnant or not), and, hey, actually people everywhere, embracing the way they look, celebrating who they are, and wearing whatever makes them feel good and comfortable.

But surely some have said that this might not have been the most flattering choice. Some would argue that sure, this is a fine outfit for lounging around your house on a Sunday afternoon. Maybe it was a hot day out! The thing is, some aren’t so sure it’s the type of outfit you want to post for the whole world to see, that’s all.

Blac Chyna’s hot pink tiny lounge shorts are stretched to their utter limit and appear to clearly be too tight. The white bandeau bra is so sheer that nipples are visibly poking through it. It seems intended to be worn as underwear or a layering piece, no?

2 Black And White And Bad All Over


There are just so many images out there of this celebrity who has chosen to put every aspect of her life on very high-profile view for at least the last 10 years.

And this black-and-white dress paired with a cuff and dramatic red lips is considered by some to be less than flattering on Kim K’s form.

The bra underneath clearly cuts into the celebrity’s back, leaving bulges and wrinkling where the garment appears to be just a bit too snug. Rather than flatter and stun with its simplicity, some would say this number distracts with its loudness and draws the eye to all the wrong places.

I guess that’s just up to whoever is looking at it! Hey, maybe she wanted to draw attention to the areas in question!

1 Funky Footwear


Yes, some ladies just love their heels. They can’t imagine giving up their strappy stilettos, towering-high boots, wonderful wedges, kitten heels, and so, so much more.

Well I’ve heard advice that a low and supportive heel may be kind to pregnant gal’s back – but I can’t imagine anything quite like this being comfortable or practical, and some would say it’s rather unattractive, or even outright scary to see.

Swelling of the lower extremities is not uncommon during pregnancy, with all that extra blood flowing and fluids being retained – and it can be part of a somewhat dangerous condition, so it’s surely nothing to laugh at.

This white dress hits at the knee (and has a built-in cape???), and it appears a bit snug, but some would say it’s fine otherwise. The footwear, though? Many were quite shocked and would call that a miss.

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