New Pregnancy Fashion Trend Shows Up In Menswear

The last thing you'd expect to show up in a male fashion show is a pregnant belly... But that's exactly what graced the runway during a show that was strange even for the fashion world's standards. Xander Zhou challenged our expectations when he included male pregnancy as one of the major themes of his collection in the recent London Fashion Week. Before we get too carried away, it's important to note that the male models in this show were not actually pregnant.

Instead, they had been carefully fitted with prosthetic baby bumps - the kind used in Hollywood movies. According to Fashionista, this 2019 Spring collection should be hitting the streets soon. And according to an official statement from the brand itself, the collection intends to celebrate a future of male pregnancy. Some of the male models were even seen clutching their bellies protectively or wearing shirts with slogans that referenced a baby on the way.


But what does it all mean? What message is Xander Zhou trying to spread here? What is the underlying symbolism associated with male pregnancy in the fashion world? We'll probably never know. Bizarre and thought-inspiring ideas are nothing new in the fashion world, and in many ways, this trend is actually pretty tame when you consider what we've seen on the runway in the past.

But who's the mastermind behind this shocking new fashion statement? Who IS Xander Zhou? Many people consider him to be China's premier fashion designer. He's collaborated with major fashion labels such as Nike and is known for his ability to create new trends. He studied fashion internationally, and his collections are carried in stores all over the globe. According to Culture Trip, the designer's male pregnancy-inspired fashion show is his "vision of the future."

Well, could male pregnancy occur in the future? According to the Genetic Literacy Project, it IS technically possible. Things like a womb transplant or hormone treatments could, in theory, allow a man to become pregnant with a child. When we consider all the other strides we're making in the technological world, male pregnancy doesn't seem all too unrealistic.


Whatever the case, we'll have to be content with the visual novelty of seeing men with pregnant bellies strutting down the fashion runway. If Xander Zhou intended to create a thought-provoking scene, he succeeded. The fashion show has people talking, and that's probably what he intended all along. But rather than simply drawing attention to his fashion brand, the show challenged us to ask questions about the future of pregnancy.

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