Be Labor Ready With These Hospital Bag Essentials

When the moment comes to leave for the hospital, new parents will need to have a bag packed with everything that they need to bring. The bag should be ready by 34 weeks (and the sooner, the better) because it is hard to know exactly how early the baby may come.

It's important to pack light. Purchase anything that is available in travel size. It is also possible to buy 3 oz bottles and fill them with preferred shampoo, body wash, etc. Essential items are those that are needed for hygiene and health but realize that comfort will be a priority as well. As we mentioned before, hygiene and personal care items should be a huge priority. This includes dental care items, deodorant, hair care items, skincare and shaving basics. All of the items that will help a new mama look, smell, and feel normal should come along. Another essential is comfy clothing to wear while in the hospital, and something for the trip home. Pack clothes that are easy to relax in, like sweats and a nightgown, and don’t forget the extra underwear and socks. Have extras in everything, things can get messy, and some new moms will experience sweats after childbirth. For those who plan to nurse, have a comfortable nursing bra that can stretch. Shower shoes like flip flops or some funky slides will get rid of the need to walk barefoot in the hospital at any time (gross). Don’t forget them. Also, bring an outfit for going home that fit at six months pregnant, as that’s the size that most new moms head home as.

This next item is tiny, but it is arguably the most important item to pack. A copy of one's insurance and a piece of photo ID are both absolute musts in a hospital bag. Make photocopies of both to put in the bag right away before the hustle and bustle of labor begins, but try to remember to bring the originals just in case. Next up is a phone charger. Remember this baby! Most new and laboring moms will want to be in contact with loved ones, snap photos, or veg out on Facebook and YouTube during any downtime.

Our next essential doesn't actually go into the bag at all, but it is perhaps tied with the insurance and ID as the most important item. A car seat. In fact, legally, the baby cannot go home without one. Baby needs a car seat to leave the hospital, but they will also need an outfit. Bring an outfit in size 0-3, in case the baby is over 7 pounds and can’t fit in size Newborn. Don’t forget a hat and socks!

The most important thing about a hospital bag is that it’s ready to go when the time comes. Get all the basics, and anything else that is needed can wait! Don’t overcomplicate things by bringing towels or pillows from home. Keep it simple so that all of the focus can be on the new baby!


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