Pregnancy Must-Haves For The Natural Health of You and Your Baby

Planning for healthy babies doesn’t have to be a budget challenge! As natural foods become more trendy, parents everywhere are finding it easier to raise healthy newborn babies. We’ll save you the trouble of scouring the web for the pregnancy health support you must have with this quick list of 9 natural health products to keep mama and baby as healthy as can be.

9 Brita Premium BPA Free Filter Water Bottle



There’s no more readily available natural health product than water, whether it's from a fountain or tap. You don't even need to stop at your local natural food store to pick up anything else once you have this wonderful Brita filter water bottle. Why not use a regular water bottle? Exposure to harmful substances such as lead or chlorine can put an end to how beneficial to your health your water consumption is. And you'd be surprised at how a filter water bottle's hydration helps to reduce the swelling in your ankles. Staying hydrated with filtered water is one of the easiest things you can do during pregnancy to help your future newborn baby. Once you have your filter water bottle, all that's left to do is drink, drink, drink!

8 One A Day Women's Prenatal Multivitamins


Quality prenatals are the foundation of your baby's nutrition. Since many moms have busy lifestyles during pregnancy, it’s important to have the best prenatals you can as this is an easy, worry free way to ensure your baby's healthy development. Make sure to find prenatal vitamins that have sufficient folate content, like One A Day's prenatals. Folate is an essential vitamin that helps prevent neural tube defects and other health issues in babies. It can also be found in most orange juices, but it's still necessary to find quality prenatals with folate to supplement the small amounts you can get naturally. These One A Day prenatals will protect your newborn baby at a cost that doesn’t break the bank! 

7 Antarctic Krill Oil Softgels With Omega-3s


You’ve likely heard of the benefits of taking fish oil. While most people take capsules containing salmon or sardine oils for their Omega 3 benefits, krill oil is a step up on these alternatives as it doesn’t give you that fishy aftertaste or fishy-burp that those other fish oils are known for. These Antarctic krill oil softgels will give you all the natural health benefits of regular fish oils with superior taste; the best of both worlds!

6 Pure Hawaiian Spirulina Tablets


See what all the fuss is about with this green powder super food. High in a variety of vitamins including bio-available iron, this food has been dubbed the ‘most nutrient dense food on the planet’ by many. If that doesn’t sound helpful for you and your newborn baby, we’re not sure what would be! In Pure Hawaiian spirulina you are getting the best of the best: better than organic, verified non-GMO, certified vegan, and certified gluten free spirulina. But wait, there's more! A typical serving of spirulina (1 Tbsp) only contains 20 calories. So you can supplement your health without supplementing your waste size!

5 Nature Made Vitamin D3 Softgels


Some research suggests that Vitamin D3 can prevent asthma in babies. In North America, Vitamin D3 is an essential vitamin during pregnancy as sun exposure can be limited. In fact, it's so important that health guru and prominent bio-hacker Dave Asprey (known for his Bulletproof products) recommends Vitamin D as the most important supplement for pregnant women. Forget those sugary 'sun-filled' commercial juices as your vitamin D supplement and use these budget-friendly Nature Made vitamins!

4 Magic Bag Extended Hot/Cold Pack


Sore muscles? Partner too tired from work to massage your aching back? This natural health Magic Bag is super simple to use. Place it in either the microwave or freezer to quickly provide soothing heat or cold relief. All of your friends will be asking where you found this magical life-saver.

3 Bonafide Provisions Organic Beef Bone Broth


If you haven’t already guessed by the items making this list, what mama eats is a huge part of giving her baby a head start in life. Bone broth, a type of soup base made from simmering animal meat, water, and sometimes spices for long periods of time, helps to replete loss of bone density and is very rich in collagen and gelatin, two ‘beauty’ nutrients known to help boost hair and nail growth. Rumor has it this natural health solution inspires more youth in a face than a botox treatment! Many health gurus consume bone broth daily, but it is especially nourishing for a pregnant woman and her baby. So get the best of the best organic beef bone broth from Bonafide Provisions and reap the health rewards.

2 What To Expect When You're Expecting


Doctor not available? Try what’s been dubbed the ‘bible of pregnancy’ to answer all your pregnancy related questions. In a reader-friendly format, this book delves into different stages of pregnancy, detail by detail. How else will you have any idea what will happen during the craziest nine months of your life? There’s a reason millions of copies of What to Expect have been sold, not to mention a block-buster movie that it inspired.

1 Washable Organic Nursing Pads By Kindred Bravely


Even though you might not be fully producing milk yet, it's common for pregnant women to leak while awaiting a newborn baby. Ladies, meet your life-savers: beautiful organic reusable breast pads, turning an uncomfortable experience into a pleasant one. It will feel like two small pillows for your girls, and this eco-friendly option will save you money if you're facing a baby budget challenge. No need to buy more disposable breast pads, these pads by Kindred Bravely are easily washable with your loads of delicates. This is appropriate given the fact that your baby's health is delicate as well!

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