Pregnancy Might Not Be Linked To Weight Gain Long-Term

Pregnancy might not be linked to long-term weight gain according to some new research that may make some women very happy. Others may have a more adverse reaction to this news, losing a scapegoat for weight gain after child birth.

New research from the University of Canberra has revealed this information.

"It was a shock because what we experience as women seems to be...you've got two kids but you also have an extra 10 kilos hanging around. We blame babies for our pelvic floors and the like, but it seems we can't blame them for this,” shared Professor Deborah Davis, who was part of the Camberra study.


How did the University of Camberra come to discover this new research? The school conducted a 16-year study, with over 800 Australian women participating in it. There were women with different educational backgrounds, family sizes, income levels, as well as stay at home moms and working moms studied.

At the end of the time frame, the researchers discovered that it was not the pregnancy that caused long-term weight gain. It was other factors such as depression, not having a job, and issues with finances that seemed to be the biggest contributors for women staying heavier. Honestly, all of those are definitely issues that may contribute to an individual gaining weight, so this is not surprising at all. The study’s findings were recently published in the clinical Obesity journal.

The most important thing to remember when pregnant is to work constantly to keep mom and baby healthy. It is easy to get into the habit of “Oh, I am eating for two so it is fine to splurge” but that is not always the best attitude. However, if you do choose to indulge while pregnant, remember it is not the pregnancy that will cause long-term weight gain. It is other factors that crop up, and how one chooses to deal with them once the baby is born.

Whether you are trying to lose pregnancy weight or the freshman 15, the best way to shed the pounds is to eat right and exercise. It sounds easy enough, but remember weight loss takes time so don’t be hard on yourself!

What are you doing to stay healthy before and after baby? Let us know in the comments!


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