Pregnancy Pillows Are Here To Stay: Market Expected To Expand Through 2023

The pregnancy pillow business is booming - and it's only going to get better from here, according to a recent market report.

If you are unaware of this growing trend in mama comfort, a pregnancy (or maternity) pillow is essentially a "highly specialized" pillow designed to accommodate the changing body of a pregnant mother. For many women, pregnancy pillows are the most useful during the later stages of pregnancy, as they help to ease discomfort while sleeping (and even while seated in an upright position).

Although the industry is young, it is predicted that it will witness significant growth within the next five years, mainly due to new research showing that using a pregnancy pillow not only eases discomfort but also helps to reduce the risk of stillbirth due to unsafe sleeping positions.

When it comes to selecting a pregnancy pillow, there is certainly no shortage of choice. Depending on the type of relief required, there are several different types and shapes on the market to choose from - including a U-shaped pillow, a C-shaped pillow, a standard full body pillow, an inflatable pillow, and a wedge. There are pillows to help with lower back pain, upper back pain, neck pain, hip pain, and there are even pillows that come specially designed for tummy sleepers. Some pillows continue to provide mom support even after the baby is born, turning into nursing pillows to aid in those early (and often struggle-filled) days of breastfeeding.


They come in memory foam or organic, and some even offer hypoallergenic fillings for the most sensitive mom-to-be. Popular North American brands include the Snoogle and the Boppy, and although the US accounts for the maximum market share of the global pregnancy pillow market, according to the report, Asia is forecasted to be the fastest growing region due to increasing awareness and healthcare developments, as well as rising per capita income.

The only possible downside to the pregnancy pillow is that they tend to be quite pricey, and don't necessarily fit into every new mom-to-be's baby budget. They can range from $22 US to well over $100 - with the higher end pillows sometimes charging more for added comfort features like c-section support for post-birth and extra padding and material for a twin pregnancy.

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