10 Essentials To Put In Place Before Your Baby Is Born

You have watched how your belly has grown over the months. Despite any anxieties over your impending motherhood, it has brought you great delight to know your baby is coming soon.

Still, there might be blindspots concerning just exactly what you will need to put in place for the new arrival. When the baby comes, you will be so preoccupied that it will seem hard to put these things in place, making it a good idea to do it before labor day.Here are 10 essentials to put in place before the baby is born:

10 The nursery

You probably have already done this. More than likely, you have dreamed up the nursery and how it will look from when you were a little girl. Your nursery should not just be beautiful, but also practical.

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You will spend lots of time in it for very practical, at times, messy things, like changing nappies, and holding a child who needs to be rocked to sleep. This nursery will come to life when the baby arrives. As he or she grows, it will become a place where toys are thrown around, where food or drink is spilled and where a new life grows into a 'busy life.' Consider all of these things in the nursery's plan and design.

9 A medical savings plan

Pregnancy and giving birth is an expensive endeavor. There are the doctor's appointments, the check-ups, the medicine to quell nausea and things like heartburn or indigestion. When the baby arrives, monthly injections will be necessary, as will doctor's appointments.

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Having a savings for medicinal purposes is advised so that you begin your new life as Mom on an even footing. This will also mean keeping a medical kit in your home and car in place for urgent medical needs, such as a fever that springs up in the middle of the night (when the stores are no longer open) when the baby arrives.

8 A child-safe environment

Initially, a baby will lie there and look pretty. One day, you will check in on him or her to see they have turned around and are now able to do things like turn and lift their head. Before you know it, they will become mobile. This means little legs toddling everywhere, hands clutching for knobs, and pulling things down.

How child-friendly is your house? That pan that sits at the edge of a low shelf, the flower pots with sand (which could double up as 'food' for a curious tot), that flight of stairs without a safety gate... Ensure your home is child-safe before the baby arrives. It will save you a lot of stress later.

7 A support structure

No mom can weather it alone. Every new mother will need a support structure in place. If you are a fairly isolated person, even consider which new moms groups you can join when your baby arrives. During pregnancy, allow people to be in your life - even if you are feeling completely snappy and temperamental and suitably unlovely or frumpy.

Remember, when your baby is up a few nights in a row, and you and your partner (or just you, if you are single mom) have had no sleep - a support structure will give you the opportunity of someone stepping in to help out while you catch up on sleep.

6 A nutritional plan

Breastfeeding and the demands of motherhood demand greater attention to nutrition. This, and you want to survive the long haul for your child, to be there through all of their life milestones as they grow up.

This means taking charge of your health. You can consider how you will do this before the baby is born so that when you enter motherhood, which might take some adjustments, a firm foundation has already been laid down.

5 Clear boundaries and duty agreements with your spouse/partner

While for the most part new parents learn about parenting 'on the job,' it is a good idea to plan how and by whom domestic tasks, such as washing dishes, cleaning, etc. will be accomplished once parenting takes over.

Also, it is advisable to establish when and how overseeing of the infant will occur. This way, when you are both tired and worn out, there won't be unnecessary arguments over parenting issues or house-keeping challenges.

4 Agreements over parenting

At the same time, it is good to sit down with your spouse or the baby's father and determine how you are going to approach parenting. Talk about your child and how you will support them in becoming the best they can be.

You might come up with some great ideas before they arrive, which will allow you to begin parenting on a good footing. These might include which groups you will join, who you will enlist for support, how you will discipline your child, what you will permit as parents, and what you won't permit.

3 An activity/entertainment area

Newborn Baby And Dog

As baby grows, it will become essential there is a place to run around. Children, even babies, and toddlers are busy, and you probably won't expect this if you are still pregnant and haven't yet experienced motherhood.

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You will want to make sure there are enough entertaining, stimulating toys for the child, as well as big enough areas for the child to play in a meaningful way. If you don't have a garden, use the time to check out what parks are in the area. These will provide relief to you as your child grows, and you are in need of a child-friendly place to take them so that they can work off all of their energy.

2 A good book collection

One of the treasures of motherhood is reading to your little darling. Kids make this especially fun, really getting into the story and showing delight at the narratives' twists and turns.

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What books do you cherish most, and which did you love your own mother reading to you as you grew up? How about you get these together, and put up a special shelf for books in the nursery?

1 Books on mothering issues

While Google is great, it could also help to have books written by professionals covering the different areas of motherhood as a guide should you need any. For example, a first aid book might help in an hour of need. Or you might need to know something about feeding or which foods are permissible for new 'eaters' (in terms of solid foods for baby).

Having resources on mothering which are easily accessible will make your mothering just that much easier.

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