It CAN Happen: Experts Share Lesser Known Pregnancy Side Effects

There is a big difference in what one thinks they can expect during pregnancy and what happens when a woman actually gets pregnant.

Many of the pregnancy side effects are talked about in books or discussed with friends or even in chat groups. We know all about morning sickness, stretch marks, increased need for urination, tiredness, and the list goes on. However, despite all of the open dialogue surrounding pregnancy, there are still side effects that no one really talks about, and they are ones that most women are least prepared for when they crop up.

For example, it is common knowledge that a woman can expect her back to ache but when pregnant, a woman's hips actually hurt more than her back. It makes sense since the hips have to expand and prepare for the birth, but no one ever really discusses the serious pain that it can cause.

Another side effect is out-of-control itchiness. Joshua Zeichner, MD, explained that while a woman's belly grows, changes happen to the barrier of her skin, which can lead to dryness and the dreaded itch.

One of the oddest symptoms of pregnancy that most women don't talk about is that some mom-to-be's ears pop all of the time. It is weird, yes, but it is true. One woman recently told PopSugar that her ears would pop every day while she was expecting her baby and she could not figure out why. Her doctor had no explanation either, the only conclusion that they could come to was that it was just another side effect of pregnancy.

While no one wants to be itchy, have their ears pop all the time, or have hip pain, not all pregnancy side effects are bad. Longer hair and nails are supposedly a nice little bonus of having a bun in the oven. But on top of that, hair tends to become thicker when a woman is pregnant. Yes, this is one of those good side effects (at least for some!).

When you were pregnant, did you have a side effect that was completely unexpected? Tell us all about your weird and out-of-the-blue pregnancy side effects in the comments!


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