10 Most Ignored Pregnancy Signs

It seems that pregnancy starts changing a woman’s body right from the moment it starts. That seems a bit exaggerated, but anyone who has ever had a baby will likely agree. While not all women automatically feel any physical changes when they are in the early stages of pregnancy, there are plenty who do. But in many cases, ladies often ignore some of the earliest signs that they are expecting a new addition to the family.

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One symptom that sometimes gets overlooked is fatigue. Ladies who work a lot might just believe that they are a bit exhausted from doing that, and they might not suspect anything else. Here are some other symptoms that get ignored sometimes.

10 Late Period

A late period is one of the most obvious (and earliest) signs of pregnancy, but it does get overlooked sometimes. There are multiple reasons why this is true.

Some ladies might not even realize their period is late in the first place. While lots of women track it, there are still some who do not, and they have a lot of things going on, which keeps them from realizing that they are late. There are also other things that can affect a woman’s period. A sudden increase is exercise is one of those things, and weight loss is another one.

9 Increased Bathroom Visits

When a lady needs to use the bathroom more often than usual, she might not always think that she is pregnant. Women who find themselves in this spot might want to take a pregnancy test just in case, since it is one of the most common signs that conception has occurred.

This symptom usually starts when a woman has reached the sixth week of her pregnancy. At that point, she may not even realize she is pregnant yet, and she might blame it on the liquids she has been consuming. This symptom is really easy to overlook, so it’s not hard to see why some ladies don’t think much about it.

8 Pain In The Lower Back

Lower back pain is never fun to deal with, but some women might not be alarmed when they experience it, especially if it is not accompanied by any other pregnancy symptoms. Back pain is something that many pregnant women have to deal with, but it also happens when a woman is about to start her period.

It can also happen once a woman has already started her period, which is one reason why some ladies might ignore it. They might just think that their period is on the way. Hormonal changes in the first trimester can be one of the causes of lower back pain in pregnant women.

7 Sensitive Nose

Pregnancy can make a woman’s nose more sensitive, but she might not always assume that she is pregnant if she experiences something like this. It turns out that a woman’s period is actually capable of altering her sense of smell just like pregnancy does.

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Hormones have a pretty big impact on how a person smells, as well as their sense of smell, which is why lots of pregnant women often claim that they are able to smell certain scents stronger than they did before they were pregnant. This kind of thing can happen when a woman is on her period as well.

6 Sensitive Chest

Many pregnancy symptoms get overlooked because they are similar to things a woman feels before her period starts, and this is one of them. Many ladies who have had children have experienced a very sensitive chest when they were in the first trimester of pregnancy.

But this is actually a pretty easy symptom to ignore. That is because there are some women who have a more sensitive chest than usual right before they start their period. Some of them even have to deal with this during their period as well. This usually is not something a woman should worry about.

5 Dizziness

Dizziness can be caused by pregnancy, but it can also be caused by lots of other things as well, which is why it is one of many pregnancy symptoms that women tend to overlook. When a woman is experiencing this issue, she might be dealing with PMS.

Ladies who experience dizziness might also be suffering from low blood pressure, or anemia. One very common type of anemia is iron-deficiency anemia, which affects many women who are of child-bearing age. Those who regularly have very heavy periods might be dealing with an issue like this one. Pregnant women might experience it because of the fluctuating hormone levels they go through in the first trimester.

4 Difficulty Going To The Bathroom

Ladies who are in the early stages of pregnancy might find that they have some trouble going to the bathroom, but this is another symptom that might easily be ignored. It’s easy to see why some ladies might not suspect that they are pregnant just because they get constipated.

Constipation is something that can happen to anyone at anytime. Sometimes, pregnant women experience it because of their prenatal vitamins, but they can also experience constipation due to a change in their diet, which is something many women experience within the first few weeks of pregnancy. Diet plays a big role in something like this.

3 Skin Changes

Acne is something lots of women have to deal with when they are in the first few weeks of pregnancy, but it is not always a sign that a woman is pregnant. A lot of ladies tend to experience some acne before they start their period, so it is pretty easy to overlook a pregnancy symptom like this one.

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This is always a rather annoying thing to deal with. Fortunately, there are plenty of awesome remedies for acne. Those who suspect that they might be pregnant should try mixing apple cider vinegar with water. Anyone who wishes to try it should dip a cotton ball in the mixture, and then dab it on their skin.

2 Unpleasant Feelings Upstairs

Headaches are very common within the first few weeks of pregnancy, but they do get overlooked sometimes. That is because having a headache does not always mean that a woman is expecting a baby.

Fluctuating hormones can cause lots of things to happen to women, including headaches. Hormones fluctuate wildly during the first trimester, but they also do that when a woman is nearing the very end of her menstrual cycle. Lots of ladies might just mistake this for a sign that they are about to start their period. Tension headaches are actually very common during this time in a woman’s cycle.

1 Lots Of Bloating

Bloating can happen for a couple of reasons when a woman is pregnant, but it is often one of those things that ladies tend to ignore. That is because bloating can happen during lots of other times as well.

When a woman is pregnant, she might notice that bloating is becoming a much bigger deal for her than it used to be. That could be because of the changes in her hormones, or just the fact that pregnancy kind of slows everything down, including the digestive system. Pregnant women who bloat might also have to deal with a little bit of constipation.

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