17False Pregnancy is Different From Faking Pregnancy

We all know that one girl that faked a pregnancy to keep her man, or to get him to come back, or to be the center of attention, or to have an extra burrito without the judgement (I really wanted that burrito.)

Having a hysterical pregnancy is not the same as

faking a pregnancy. There are actual physical symptoms that accompany the hysterical pregnancy. The faking of a pregnancy is a lie that is being told by a person and usually there is some emotional manipulation of other people. Sadly, a person with hysterical pregnancy has not made a conscious decision to deceive anyone.

Maybe "sadly" isn't correct, I mean it's good the person hasn't made that decision to lie, but it's sad to not be in control of your body. The person has been lead to believe by cues from their body that they are pregnant.

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