Pregnancy Test To Be Available At A Bar Near You! -FAS Study

When going to buy a pregnancy test, the neighborhood pub is not the first store that comes to mind when wanting to purchase this product. Due to a study currently located in Alaska, they will soon be putting pregnancy test dispensers in bars and pubs. 

By December, over 20 pubs will have the pregnancy test dispenser which will hold about 5,000 tests each or posters. On each of the pregnancy test there will be a message about the dangers of drinking while pregnant such as Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS). Over the next two years, women who will have frequented these pubs will be surveyed to see if either made an impact. The study is not to make more women test but too see if will make them more aware of the effects of alcohol on their bodies, especially if pregnant.

Each year, about 180 babies are reported with suspected FAS to the Alaska Birth Defect Registry. With numbers like these, we are not so shocked about wanting to bring more awareness.  

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