14Frequent Ultrasounds

Women who have gone through a miscarriage go through a lot of heartaches made worse by the fact that they normally have no one to share this devastating experience with. Even our partners really do not understand and some of them even go as far as getting resentful because they

feel we are obsessing over something that a million women out there go through by choice. Even our friends want us to keep the feelings to ourselves as for some reason most people feel that this is a shameful or inconsequential issue. So we keep the issues to ourselves and in the process, we develop a phobia for pregnancy.

The thought of getting pregnant and actually carrying the child for nine months in uncertainty can be scary, even for the bravest of us. If we find out that we are pregnant, there is always that nagging feeling that something could go wrong. A woman who has had a previous miscarriage is considered high risk. Lack of nausea makes us think there is something wrong and too much nausea makes us panic. It is a roller coaster of emotion and that is why every one of those doctors’ visits has us pleading for an ultrasound just to reassure us that everything is going right. That heartbeat is the only thing that makes us sleep soundly, at least for that night until the insecurities kick in again.

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