15The Chance Of A Second

Very Well Family gives us hope when it comes to chances of a second miscarriage, saying there is a more than 60 percent chance of having a healthy pregnancy after a previous miscarriage, but a 14 to 21 percent chance of a second miscarriage. While this statistic is meant to

make a woman feel better and hope for the best, the problem with human nature is that we obsess over the small things and for a woman who has previously had a miscarriage, she tends to think that she is in the 14 percent statistics.

According to Romper, Danielle, a mother confesses “I was pregnant with twins when I found out, at 19 weeks, that one of my sons' hearts had stopped beating. I had no idea at the time, but that kind of loss was going to stick with me long after I birthed a son that would cry and a son that would remain silent. I had no idea that now, even two years later, the ache of that loss would weigh heavily on me and impact my decisions. My partner and I are trying to get pregnant again, and I am nothing short of terrified. I know what it is like to have someone tell me that I have lost a baby. I know what it's like to be a statistic; the kind that doctors and nurses and the Internet warn pregnant women about. I am so afraid that I will experience the same thing, again. I'm so afraid that pregnancy loss will be part of my pregnancy course, and I'll have to mourn a future I was never able to experience.”

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