20IUD: The Ninety-Nine Percent Effective And Easiest


The IUD works so well because there's no need to remember to take pills on time, no need to set a timer so that they're taken at the same time each day (which is necessary for Progestin-only pills), and there's no risk of forgetting to take an IUD...Because there's nothing to take orally.

With all the talk of the Pill for so many years, the IUD has a surprising statistical fact regarding effectiveness. Studies have shown that an IUD is over 99% effective, which makes it just the slightest bit more effective than the Pill. The margin of error for this specific type of

birth control has less to do with your lifestyle and more about what's required to make it so effective: absolutely nothing but an empty uterus.

The IUD works by sitting in the base of your uterus, just above the cervix, and continuously releases just the right amount of hormones to thicken uterine lining and prevent pregnancy. In some cases, such as Mirena, the amount of hormone found in an IUD is roughly 10% less than that of the Pill. All IUDs except the copper-based ones (we'll talk about that later) release a progestin-based hormone, therefore not only are hormone levels less due to no estrogen, but they're acting remotely in the uterus as opposed to being run through the bloodstream through ingestion. Considering those odds, an IUD is a reliable form of birth control with unbeatable effectiveness.

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