14A Baby Will Be Born, No Matter What's Wrong With It

Genetic testing of the baby is left up to its parents, but if something does come back, no matter how bad it is, many Mormons will choose to carry on through the pregnancy regardless.

What happens to a baby if doctors find something genetically wrong with it at an early stage in the pregnancy? Absolutely nothing, Mormons say.

This is obviously a very personal decision and solely between the parents of the child, and many parents make decisions based on the quality of the child's

life post-birth and if they can even have any quality of life given the birth defect. In the Mormon culture, not having a child is not an option and they believe the baby should be given a body on this earth. More specifically, they believe that each child is a "spirit child of the Heavenly Father" and will need that body to progress through life as still symbolizes a "new soul coming to the earth" according to mormonwomen.org. Whether it's right or wrong is not the issue and the Mormon community instead focuses on spiritually and mentally preparing the parents to take on the task of raising a child with birth defects. They turn to prayer and their faith to prepare them for the task at hand and ultimately ask for strength and guidance to get through the difficulties they'll face; prayer is their only option.

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