15Large Families Come With The Territory


It's a woman's duty to bear children and bring life into this world, therefore many Mormon families are massive. According to mormonwomen.org, it's a couple's "Biblical command" to "supply and replenish the earth".

Many people come from large families and it's not uncommon for families out of the baby boomer generation to be huge, what with women having stayed at home and taking care of said families. This is still very much a reality for Mormon women, and one of the beliefs lies

solely in reproduction.

That may sound old-world and outdated, but to the Mormon society, this is a role they take very seriously. Interestingly enough, despite their strict religious nature, many Mormons will turn to fertility treatments if they find that they're having difficulty conceiving. This is not frowned upon as it is their job in life to provide new life keep the human race going. Adoption and fostering are also options for parents who find that they can't conceive their own child. Of course, abstinence is mandatory in Mormon society until after marriage and even then, intimate relations are for procreating first, showing intimacy and devotion second. There aren't too many ways around this if you're apart of a Mormon society, families are life...Literally.

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