Pregnant Cardi B Was Forced Off Of Social Media By Doctor

It is official - Cardi B has been ordered to shut down her social media accounts by her physician. An insider told MTO News that, "It was too much stress, dealing with the haters on Instagram. The doctor told her to stay off for now".

Fans were left wondering what happened to Cardi after her Instagram account was suddenly removed. Users were quick to speculate that her disappearance from the site was linked to a recent altercation that the singer had with Azealia Banks.

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Azealia confirmed that she has made some off-color comments towards Cardi B, describing her as an "illiterate untalented rat". Banks allegedly was referring to the way that female hip-hop artists are perceived in the media, and blamed Cardi for the shift. She went on to explain that the conversation around African-American women was "reaching an all time high" but then it changed - when Cardi hit the scene.

Though likely in her second trimester of pregnancy, Cardi did not hesitate to clap back at Banks. The Bodak Yellow singer defended herself on Instagram, detailing how she had never asked to be a role model. Cardi also threw shade at Banks for apparrently lightening her skin tone.

Cardi B, 25, was hesitant to even announce her pregnancy due to the amount of criticism she has faced. She is an eccentric hip-hop idol, and she has been shamed by haters before.

Cardi is a New York native with deep Dominican roots, formally known as Belcalis Almanzar. She has never been shy about hiding her opinions and does not appear embarrassed about where she came from. Her life has not been easy. The singer used to earn her living as a stripper before being discovered on VH1's reality show Love & Hip Hop: New York in 2015.

Cardi B and her fiancé, rapper Offset, were first spotted together in 2017 at the Super Bowl holding hands. Offset proposed to her during his concert in October of last year, propelling them quickly into the next stage of their relationship.


News of Cardi B's pregnancy did not officially break until the rapper herself made the announcement while performing on Saturday Night Live. During her first performance of the night, Cardi was draped strategically, hiding her mid-section. But during her second song, she was clad in a tight, white dress that showed off her growing baby bump. Cardi was obviously pregnant.

Though she will be missed, if forcing Cardi B off of social media relieves some of her stress, we are all for it.


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