10 Hilarious Pregnancy Quotes From Celebs

Being pregnant is one of the coolest experiences a person can have during their lifetime. So many interesting things happen to a woman when she is pregnant, and it is definitely an exciting thing to go through.

But it is also a really weird time, as well. That is because pregnancy can cause the body to go through a lot of changes before the baby is born.

This means that some women have plenty of funny things to say about pregnancy. Here are a few of the funniest quotes some famous women have said about what being pregnant is like.

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10 People Always Say That Pregnant Women Have A Glow, And I Say It’s Because You’re Sweating To Death

It seems that some pregnant women have a glow about them, but Jessica Simpson thinks that the glow is really something else. The singer has been pregnant a few times, and so she likely knows that many expectant mothers sweat a lot.

The famous mother said this quote once, and it suggests that she does not think there is actually a glow when it comes to pregnancy. Jessica just feels like other people say that to make pregnant women feel better. If that is true, it’s a nice thing to do, since many pregnant women don’t always feel very self-confident.

9 There’s A Whole Birthing Plan, But What Is The Plan Other Than To Get It Out?

Kiera Knightley said this very honest and bold quote about having a baby. Many mothers spend a lot of time coming up with their plans for what they hope is a wonderful birthing experience, which is awesome.

But in the end, the entire plan can change. The only thing that does not change is the fact that the child is going to come out at some point. Everything else about the birth can change, and it often does, which means that most of the birthing plan usually goes out of the window. It’s still nice to have a plan, though.

8 I Can Smell Electricity

Amanda Seyfried smelled some weird things when she was pregnant, which is why she said this quote. But that is not very surprising when one considers the fact that pregnant women have extremely sensitive noses.

Women who are expecting a child have been known to claim that they have an even stronger sense of smell when they’re pregnant than they do any other time. Sometimes this is awesome, but other times it is unpleasant, especially if they are suffering from morning sickness.

There are actually some studies that suggest that two thirds of women who are pregnant experience this type of thing. It is definitely not rare.

7 Everything’s Uncomfortable. It’s Not Just Your Belly – Everything Gets Bigger

Eva Longoria is not a huge fan of pregnancy, and that is why she said this hilarious quote. Part of the reason why it is so funny is because it is very true, and moms everywhere can probably relate to it a lot.

The body goes through a lot of changes when a baby is on the way, and sometimes those changes are pretty hard to get used to. Being pregnant is definitely awesome, but it is not for the faint of heart. There are lots of very unpleasant things about carrying an unborn child, and for some women, this is one of them.

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6 I Wish I Was One Of Those Cute Girls Who Wear Skinny Jeans Throughout Their Pregnancies. But I Just Gain Weight

Jennifer Garner is very relatable, and this quote of hers just makes that even more true. There are lots of moms (not to mention women in general) who believe that they do not look as nice as some other people do.

While some women like to spend a lot of time dressing up during their pregnancies, there are plenty of them who would rather be a bit more comfortable. Pregnant women are also very tired sometimes, and they might not feel up to trying to look flawless all the time, which is completely understandable. Jennifer may be rich and famous, but when it comes to being a mom, she’s a lot like everyone else.

5 I Never Stopped Burping

Pregnancy can cause the human body to do some strange things, which is why Katherine Heigl said this once. The actress could not stop herself from burping. That probably seemed gross to her and anyone who spent lots of time with her, but sometimes it just comes along with the territory.

The actress claimed that she didn’t feel very good about this, but she shouldn’t feel bad about it. Burping is a normal bodily function, and it is something that pregnant women usually do a lot of. The reason this happen has everything to do with the hormones that fluctuate in a woman’s body when she is with child.

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4 I Ate Two Waffles, A Banana, And Cereal With Blueberries. And That Was Between My Two Breakfasts

Amy Poehler has been pretty open and honest about what it is like to be pregnant, and this is one of her quotes. It is hard for many people to imagine eating that much unless they have been through pregnancy themselves.

When a woman is pregnant, her appetite usually changes just as much as everything else does. Some people eat less when they are with child, and some people stop eating things that they used to love. On the other hand, there are also people who eat a lot during this time, and it seems like Amy is one of those people.

3 Baby brain Is Real. I Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Operate Heavy Equipment, Including iPhones

Olivia Wilde is one of the people that believes there is such a thing as baby brain, and that is why she said this quote. Apparently, the actress noticed some differences in her mental state during pregnancy.

That sounds weird, but it’s really not that uncommon. There are lots of women who claim that they were not as sharp as they normally are when they were carrying their unborn kids. Some of them, and this is a real thing. This can possibly be blamed on hormones, as well as change in one’s priorities.

2 I Just Don’t Think Pregnancy And Me Really Agree With Each Other

Pregnancy is awesome, but it also very cool when some women can admit that it is not always fun, and that is what Kim Kardashian did when she said this quote. The celebrity does not believe that she is one of those women who can have a great and easy pregnancy, which is something moms everywhere can probably relate to.

While some people love being pregnant, Kim has entirely different feelings about the whole thing altogether. “I hate it,” said Kim. The television star and business woman shares four kids with her husband, Kanye West, and she seems to be loving motherhood.

1 I Couldn’t Walk By The Tuna Cans In The Grocery Store. Fear Of Fish

Cindy Crawford had a terrible time with food when she was pregnant, and that’s why she said this quote about fish. Some pregnant women have such a strong aversion to certain foods that they actually have a lot of trouble just being in the same location as the food that they hate, and in this case, the food was fish.

Cindy had some terrible morning sickness when she was pregnant, which probably just made her feel even worse. But there were times when the star could not even handle being near this food without feeling a bit sick. She couldn’t even deal with cans of tuna.

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