Pregnant Doctor Puts Her Own Labor On Hold To Deliver Another Baby

An inspiring birth story has been released about a Kentucky OBGYN at the Frankfort Regional Hospital who selflessly put her own labour on hold to help another patient's distressed baby.

Dr. Amanda Hess found herself in the right place at the right time when she went in for her induction. Upon hearing that the OBGYN on-call was on a break away from the hospital and that there was a woman in active labour with a baby in distress, Dr. Hess didn't hesitate to help.

One of the main values most doctors have is to make the well-being of their patients a top priority. Dr. Hess holds this value close to heart and always puts her patients' health first. Knowing that the on-call doctor wasn't going to make it on time, Dr. Hess didn't even need to think twice about what the right thing was for her to do.

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Throwing another hospital gown over her back and hospital boots over her flip flops, Dr. Hess quickly made her way to the patient's room. Leah Halliday-Johnson was fully dilated and needing to push. Her baby's heart rate was quickly decreasing and Dr. Hess knew they needed to get the baby out quickly.

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Upon entering the room, the women realized they knew each other from a week prior when Halliday-Johnson went in for a prenatal appointment while Dr. Hess was the scheduled OBGYN. "She was just glad to be able to get to push and have the baby out and not have to wait any longer," Dr. Hess tells WKYT.

Not long after, Halliday-Johnson's baby girl was born healthy. When things settled down and both mom and baby were stable, Dr. Hess returned to her room and prepared for her own induction. Baby Ellen Joyce was born soon thereafter.

Thanks to Dr. Hess' selfless actions, she not only saved a baby in distress, but she made a friend for life. The two moms, who are now bonded, have quite an interesting birthing story to tell their beautiful new daughters.

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Dr. Hess is being commended by the hospital and all over social media, gaining the attention of many. In a Facebook post, Dr. Hala Sabry describes, with the permission of Dr. Hess and Halliday-Johnson, the events that unfolded the day of the births. Tagging Ellen DeGeneres, ABC News, Good Morning America, and The View, she hopes that Dr. Hess can get the recognition she deserves for putting her patient first that day.

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